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Production information
Manufacturer: The All Systems University Collectors
Designer: Spirit of the Abyss
Technical specifications
Function: Extraction/Injection
Power source: Unknown
Size: 31 millimeters


The Stingers appeared in "Fear Burns Down to Ashes". The Collectors were using them to control people with help of the Spirit of the Abyss. The Collector, Sakkai Saguro, was extracting Beta Amyloid to control people with their worst fears. Rev Bem was injected with the substance of the Spirit of the Abyss and tried to kill Dylan. Dylan Hunt was injected with his own Beta Amyloid to torture him with his worst fear, a black hole. The planet Juko was littered with Stingers and populated by Beta-A Junkies.


Beka Valentine: Ah. Beta-amyloid stinger. Junkies use them to shoot and extract Beta-A from the spine. Someone's got a sick sense of humour, though. The outer casings of these look like little Magog swarm ships.

Rev Bem: Now, embrace your darkness. Kill me! (They fight. Dylan jabs a stinger into Rev Bem's spine and it fills with angry black and red energy. Rev Bem collapses.) 



Rhade holding a Stinger


A Stinger in Rev Bem's hand


Stinger filled with Abyss