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An unactivated cylinder.


A Star Map is a device that is used by allies of the Lambent Kith Nebula. At the Map of Everywhere, the blind Avatar Aurelia was noted to hold at least one in her possession. These resembled large cylinders that contained some form of living organisms within them. There were at least seven different species contained within the cylinder with all of them being photoreactive. Whilst separated in the cylinder, once the Star Map was opened they streamed out and formed complex multi-colored shapes as they began to gestate into a combined form. The molecules each make a different sized circle, and when they are all formed, the circles make a large bullseye with each circle moving couterclockwise to their neighbor, and when viewed with from one side with sunlight moving through the other, a map can be seen. The process is described as being hypnotic to viewers yet equably the same shape no matter what angle it was seen. In addition, the completed map contained a list of Slipstream routes with some of these being more efficient. ("Soon the Nearing Vortex")

In the Gendler system at Rose Five, Aurelia served as a blind prophetess who remained hidden inside a structure in the desert. She remained there for an unknown length of time until Captain Dylan Hunt became involved in the search for the Route of Ages. At this point, Pish Tryan of the Collectors and Tyr Anasazi who ruled the Nietzscheans both also sought out the link to the Route as a bargaining chip with the Spirit of the Abyss. This chain of events saw Captain Hunt arrived at Rose Five where he met with Aurelia who produced the Star Map from thin air. However, Tyr Anasazi arrived at this point and killed Aurelia but not before Hunts crew escaped with the Star Map. Before she expired, the prophetess told Dylan Hunt that Trance Gemini would be her guide in finding the Route of Ages. ("Soon the Nearing Vortex")

On the observation deck of the Andromeda Ascendant, the opened the Star Map and allowed the lifeforms within it to interact with one another. After a period of time, they began to gestate and formed complex map-like shapes as they began to form a path to the Route of Ages. When Collector Tyran abducted Gaheris Rhade and took him to the Laguna Proxima system, Captain Hunt consulted the Star Map for a path in slipstream. With it, he found a faster route where as the standard charts indicated a travel time of five jumps with the system being sixteen hours away. ("Soon the Nearing Vortex")