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The Star Chamber is one of the most important locations on Paradise Drift. It is the most select and exclusive location on the drift, and is a gaming center for the richest of the rich. It is located on the very top of Paradise Drift, and consists of 5 levels.


The Star Chamber is a gambling den. However, it is not frequented by everyday citizens, but only by the extremely rich. The beings who play in the chamber usually gamble the amount of money that can buy a small planet or finance the construction of a vessel like the Andromeda Ascendant. According to Dylan Hunt, it has floor to ceiling Plazglas windows that offer stunning views of the planet that the drift orbits, Rigos. The chamber is also one gigantic room, with 4 decks below it that serve as themed, elegant meeting rooms, such as the Vedran Reception Deck. The finest food and drink are served on the deck because of the status of the people who meet and play there. Even diplomats are not allowed on that deck, and can be granted access only if they are of extremely high social status. Elaborate games of chance are scattered throughout the deck, and are complicated and varied.


Many games are played on the deck, and gambled on by the elite. The games range from 3D slipfighter combat simulators to long lasting games that involved the shifting of evolution within hypothetical ecosystems. Regular cardgames are also played.


The Star Chamber was added to Paradise Drift when it was redesigned and relaunched 20 years before Dylan Hunt emerged from the event horizon of his black hole. The Than-Thre-Kull helped design the interior, and materials for it and the spires' construction (which were built along with it) were harvested from the ring system of the 4th planet in the system.

When Captain Hunt and his crew arrived on the Drift to negotiate its entry into the New Systems Commonwealth, his crew was not allowed to go up to the Star Chamber, although they had all heard legends about the wealth that passed through it. Hunt was invited up to the Chamber by Alphyra Kodos, and was encouraged to play the games so that he would unwittingly fall into debt, and would then would be under her control because of the massive amount of money involved. He did realize that she was trying to trick him, but he knew that the Andromeda had diplomatic codes from the time of the old Commonwealth that allowed him to erase his debt at any time; a fact that Alphyra did not know.


It is located on top of the Drift, and has the 3 observation spikes towering over it. It does not spin to generate gravity, but is perched on gyroscopes that keep it facing the planet for the optimal view as the station moves as it orbits. It is reached by lift tubes that are accessed only by the very senior members of the drift (such as the directors) and clients who have pre-approved ID chits.


  • The Star Chamber in history was a secret, unaccountable court used most famously by Henry VIII of England against his political enemies, and controlled at different times by Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cranmer. The court required no witnesses, and its decisions could not be appealed.