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Rommie holding a crumpled can of the soda on the Maru.

"WARNING: Do Not Operate Heavy
Machinery or Navigate The Slipstream
While Under the Influence
Of This Beverage."
Sparky Cola (label),
291 AFC


Sparky Cola is a beverage which is bought and sold on planets throughout the known worlds. It is often drunk by Beka Valentine and Seamus Harper on board the Andromeda Ascendant, but most frequently on the Eureka Maru. It is Harper's favorite drink, and he is seen opening or drinking a can of it on the Maru in various episodes. The drink apparently has components of a narcotic or an alcohol, or another element that causes lose of judgement and impairment of the senses, however, it is unknown how strong it is. ("Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way")


  • The warning label refers to the original recipe of Coca-Cola and the use of cocaine.
  • The name refers to the numerous colas.


Rommie: "Sparky Cola. It has no nutritional value, rots the teeth, and slowly dissolves the digestive tract. And yet he imbibes at least three thousand millilitres of it every single day."

Harper: "Look, I'm tired, okay? My butt's asleep and I've got a mother of a caffeine withdrawal headache. Could you at least grab me a Sparky?"

Beka: "And if the AG fields fail, the water pressure will crush them like a can of Sparky Cola." ("All Too Human")

Trance: "Harper? I brought you Sparky Cola. I thought it would make you feel better." ("Lava and Rockets")

Harper: Trance, let's tell her what she's won. Fifty worlds, a new Commonwealth, and a year's supply of Sparky Cola. We couldn't find the champagne." ("The Knight, Death, and the Devil")

Beka: Okay, people, Standard distribution, weapons free. This is just like the drill, only with real explosions. And guys; anyone who lets a Pyrian within one light second of Samsarra buys the first round when this is all over. You can make mine a Sparky Cola. ("Point of the Spear")