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Song of the Ocean
Alias: Ocean
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Species: Than-Thre-Kull
Planet of Origin: San-Ska-Re
Nation-State: Takilov Drift
Universe/Reality: Andromeda Galaxy
Profession: Takilov Drift Impound Lot co-owner
Status: Alive
Cousin: Unnamed Than
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: None
Ally: Teena Harwell


Song of the Ocean is a Than who, along with her partner Teena Harwell, opened the Takilov Drift Impound Lot in 295 AFC. They managed to do this by assassinating the previous owners, and then set up a business involving ship retrieval. They made money through theft and when they had enough they went back to Takilov Drift before they got caught by the Than. Back on the Drift, they bribed the appropriations committee, and secured a loan to open up their Lot. Ocean and her partner take alternating 15 hour shifts everyday, because of the fear that a worker might be planning their downfall and trying to take over the company. ("Destruction of Illusions")

When Beka Valentine broke the Eureka Maru out of the impound lot, Vexpag set explosives throughout the lot to create confusion and to distract Teena, who was in the control room, so that cameras could be disabled and the Maru taken away. ("Destruction of Illusions")


  • Her name is indicative of her career. The "Song of the Ocean" refers to her selling on the black market, an "ocean" of "song" for the profit.