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Smart missile
Production information
Manufacturer: Most space-faring species
Type: Smart Weapons
Technical specifications
Discharge: Varies from weapons to weapon
Control systems: Ship based AI
On-board advanced non-sentient computer
Limited organic brain
Power source: Small Antiproton reactor
Radioisotope generator
Firepower: Varies; up to several hundred kilotons
Range: Half to 3 AUs
Weight: Varies


Smart Missiles are a broad range of weaponry that are essentially projectiles which rely on sensors to track, lock on, and intercept their targets. They are usually extended-range, high-endurance missiles with a variety of payloads and kill vehicles that employ a combination of ship, drone and organic active/passive sensor systems to find targets and destroy them. At their top speed, smart missiles can achieve upwards of 90 PSL. Smart missiles are most effective at less than one AU, but special variants can extend that range up to 3 AU, when combat operations permit missile control "handoff" from platform to platform. Many Systems Commonwealth fleets often do this, and the Deep Stand-off Attack Ship is specially designed for this strategy. Smart missiles can be called back or neutralized in flight, which can be extremely helpful in combat operations when missiles either miss or the parameters of a mission change.

Sensors and Common Types of Missiles[]