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Andromeda Ascendant's slipstream core


A Slipstream Core is an essential component of a Slipstream drive. The term is often used to describe the Exotic Matter Pulsar and its equipment itself; or the general location of the pulsar on board a slipstream capable starship. This area is also commonly known as the engine room, although on larger vessels such as the Andromeda Ascendant it refers to a specific component within the engine room.

The Slipstream Core's exotic matter pulsar can also be utilized as a weapon of mass destruction capable of annihilating a planet. It should be noted that this is a rare occurrence due to the fact the only way to travel between systems is through the use of slipstream meaning that a vessel without a slipstream drive is trapped in whatever solar system it is currently in. After ejecting its core, the Pax Magellanic was stranded and would have required decades of travel to leave the solar system.



The Pax Magellanics empty slipstream core.


Pax magelanic's missing slipstream core.


Andromeda in slipstream jump.