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Slipscout ani

Deep Midnights Voice


The wreckage of the slipscout and its crew


The Datacore of the slipscout containing the data on Slipstream


A Slipscout is a ship that can map every aspect of Slipstream. According to Rommie, it is theoretically impossible to map slipstream, but the Nietzscheans were able to do this before the Long Night. They created a fleet of Slipscouts, and in an ambitious project, mapped Slipstream in a monumental endeavor that was an effort to understand the known universe around them.

Apparently, they were able to map "every meter of slipstream between the Local Group and the Virgo Cluster", with Deep Midnight's Voice, as well as over 10 billion slip points all over the known universe. This would have been a huge breakthrough in intergalactic travel, as it meant that any slipstream pilot, whether organic or artificial, would be able to navigate the slipstream while knowing 100% of the probabilities, which would obviously take away any pilot error and make travel much more efficient. However, it apparently took years to map because of the enormity of slipstream.

Unfortunately, the maps were lost in the fall, but Deep Midnights Voice crashed on a distant planet that was apparently isolated from the rest of the universe by a knot in the slipstream. However, the Andromeda reached it and managed to recover the maps and the plans to the Slipscout. Tyr Anasazi and Gaiton managed to find the slipscout and it's 2 man crew, and retrieve its datacore with the complete maps of the Slipstream. Together they buried the bodies of the crew, and took back the data core to the Eureka Maru.