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The Slipfighter Simulator is a virtual teaching device on the Systems Commonwealth Glorious Heritage Class Andromeda Ascendant. It is used to train Slipfighter pilots, to help veteran pilots prepare for specialized missions, and to ensure pilots keep up their skills. The room itself is shaped like a sphere, with a large podium that has a slipfighter cockpit and its controls controls projected on a beam into the very center. The mock-up of the cockpit, when in use, is surrounded by a holographic projection of a full scale slipfighter, so as to maximize the reality of the experience. There are 2 consoles that are on a walkway which circles the slipfighter mock-up, which help outside personnel administer and control the situation on the side of the room. On the walls, realistic surroundings are projected. It is seen in "Slipfighter The Dogs of War".


  • The simulator is similar to the various simulators in "Star Wars".



Tyr Anasazi using the Simulator


The avonics console monitors the holographic "slipfighter".


The biometric monitoring console monitors the life signs of the pilot.