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Slavedriver code.


Infecting Andromeda.


A Slavedriver is a device used for subversion against starship systems. Once installed, it introduced ultra dense code packages into a computer system designed to infect them and all related subsystems. Primarily done so in secret, the purpose of a slavedriver is to work as a trap. It allows the creator to shut down a starship's computer system with the device.

At Ganglia Drift, Citizen Eight had his engineers install a slavedriver in secret on board the Andromeda Ascendant. However, the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence managed to discover them and contain them in a matrix. Afterwards, Dylan Hunt asked Andromeda not to purge them but allow them to operate. This was in order to lull Citizen Eight into a trap where he believed that the slavedriver had crippled the Andromeda, whereupon he revealed his plans to bring down the New Systems Commonwealth. At that point, Andromeda purged the slavedriver and sent a recording of Eight's message thus exposing him as a traitor. ("Pieces of Eight")