The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Nation-State: Boston
Universe/Reality: Milky Way
Date of Death: During the Long Night
Age: Unknown, but young
Status: Dead
Cousin: Seamus Harper
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
Affiliation: Nietzschean Authority on Earth
Ally: Seamus Harper
Enemy: Magog

Siobhan was a human cousin of Seamus Harper who lived on Earth. She and her twin brother, Declan, were infested by Magog when they were very young, and were the only members of their family who were infested. Their parents, along with their extended family (including Harper), decided to kill them instead of letting them hatch; to not only save them the pain and suffering that would occur but to also slow the spread of the Magog.