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Sid Barry
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Played By: John de Lancie


Sid Barry, otherwise known as Sam Profit, is a corrupt human businessman and old friend of Beka Valentine's Father, Ignatius Valentine. He helped Ignatius build the Eureka Maru and was a very good family friend. He accompanied him on many smuggling trips, and looked out for Beka when she was a small child, because Ignatius was a Flash addict. On Beka's tenth birthday, he secretly injected vitamins into Kalderan candied eggs, because Beka and Rafe were apparently neglected by their dad. Eventually, he was a regular fixture on the Maru, and Beka knew him well. However, he vanished without a trace after he and her dad went on a smuggling trip involving flash. It turned out that Sid actually killed everyone on board a customs station, much to Ignatius' shock. Beka never knew what happened until years later. Between the time he left the Maru and crossing paths with Beka again years later, he had become the head of a multi-galactic shipping and courier operation, and was driving smaller companies out of business. He sent Beka an emergency message asking for her to come to him, because, knowing that her hair contained Nanobots and their recorded memory of his slaughter at the customs station - which damning evidence he wanted to destroy. Beka hurried to him, but once discovering his true intent, she threatened to release the footage. He admitted to it and apparently conceded to stand down his objective.

After this, he decided to run for the office of triumvir and was personally transported by the Andromeda to Xinti for the election. There he ran into Beka, making things tough for her. During his stay, he personally ordered his assistant, Gretchen Rania, to fake an assassination attempt on him, in order to gain sympathy from the population, who, he calculated, would create a revenge fund, which would help him with his direct campaign, as well as with the elimination of his rivals. By the time the crew of the Andromeda realized what he was up to, he had fled and, while attempting to escape in the Maru, Beka was able to board her. Having departed the Andromeda, the Maru was attacked and boarded by bounty hunters. Together, Beka and Sid repelled the bounty hunters, but Sid was injured. At that moment, Dylan and Tyr boarded the Maru. Sid was successfully transported to Xinti, but he lost the election; Dylan had recorded his confession to Beka aboard the Maru, of faking his death to garner public support. Despite losing, he felt he'd made out pretty well, all told, as many of his rivals were now dead, and he himself was not committed to a political office. Before leaving, he told Beka that he loved her.