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Shinoea San
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Misculon
Status: Dead
Played By: Jim Byrnes


Shinoea San appeared in "Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter" as the "King" of Misculon. He was a ruthless empire builder and had intended to murder his own daughter, Aleyiss San, to secure more power as he had done to his wife years prior. He approached Dylan Hunt to "avenge" his daughter's "death" whom he claimed was at the hands of her partner/lover, Kulis Bara, to which Dylan hesitantly agreed.

Dylan confronted Kulis but did not find him to be the monster Shineoa explained him to be. While Kulis attempted to rescue Aleyiss, Beka Valentine, and Telemachus Rhade from a scorching enzyme swamp, Shineoa arrived and wounded Kulis. While attempting to kill Aleyiss, he was stopped by Dylan who shot the weapon from his hand. Shineoa lost his balance and fell into the swamp. After Dylkan froze the swamp so that Aleyiss and his crewmembers could safely cross it, Shineoa's arm burst from the ice and tried once more to kill Aleyiss, however, Dylan shot repeatedly through the ice until he finally killed Shineoa.

Shineao's death at the hands of Dylan was used to scapegoat Dylan by Pish Tryan in "The Torment, The Release."


  • "Don't think it matters to me, dearest daughter, who I kill first. Or should I say second? Remember, I already thought you were dead."