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Shadows Cast By a Final Salute
Twelve Centuries


Production #


Original air date

May 12, 2003

Written by

Bob Engels

Directed by

Jorge Montesi

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

J.R. Bourne as Fleet Marshall William Ataturk
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Jane Rollins
Paul Campbell as Lieutenant Bowlus
Courtney Kramer as Head Nietzschean

Preceded by

Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath

Followed by

Answers Given to Questions Never Asked

"The Kingdom was called Contrary.
The Castle was called Doubt.
The Twin Giants who lived there were named Deceit and Despair.
Every change in the weather brought Rain and Hope."
The Cairn of Darkness and the Light, CY 1015

"Shadows Cast By a Final Salute" is episode 22 of Season 3.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 3


Over a crew dinner, Seamus Harper wonders where the Andromeda is headed on her current mission. Dylan Hunt says that they are on a delivery, but declines to provide any details. Trance Gemini knows, but she is also silent.

A message arrives from Jane Rollins, the Commonwealth Minister of War aboard the Twelve Centuries. She informs them that the Nietzscheans are seceding, en masse, from the Commonwealth. She says that there have been suspicious activities observed at Enga's Redoubt, the Drago-Kazov Pride homeworld, and there are rumors of the Nietzscheans attacking various drifts and planets.

A shipment arrives on the Andromeda, to Dylan's surprise. It consists of two large crates. Once the crates are in the cargo bay, they open, and a squad of Nietzscheans emerges, seizing a Lieutenant Bowlus as hostage. Seeing this on the monitor, Dylan orders the deck sealed off. The Nietzscheans take more hostages and override the controls on Deck 15. The leader of the Nietzschean squad sends a quick message to Dylan, telling him to let her know when he is ready to negotiate. Beka Valentine and Dylan observe that the Nietzscheans seem to know a lot about the ship, and are very well prepared.

The Nietzschean leader tells Dylan that she will exchange the hostages she is holding for the bones of Drago Museveni and the Eureka Maru. Beka, Harper, and Trance object with respect to the Maru, and Tyr Anasazi with respect to the bones.

Rommie cuts off access to both the Maru and the bones.

Tyr insists that the bones mean more to the stability of the Commonwealth than Dylan realizes, but Trance states that she does not care about the bones.

Dylan contacts the Nietzscheans and offers to exchange himself for the hostages, and the Nietzscheans agree. He tells Tyr to kill the Nietzscheans, and goes to make the swap.

Trance is on the Maru, trying to retrieve something that is apparently very important to her, but the power has been shut down, and she is unable to get to it. A few of the Nietzscheans board the Maru, and she shoots them.

The Nietzscheans find Drago's bones, and take them.

Tyr confronts two Nietzscheans in the corridor. He motions to them to be quiet, as if they are collaborating, then he shoots them.

Trance tells Rommie that she is scared, they are "nearing the end", and she is not sure what to do.

Another message arrives from Rollins aboard the Twelve Centuries in a fleet of ships stating: The Nietzschean secession is becoming a serious problem, and she cannot give the Andromeda high priority.

The Nietzscheans get the bones to the Maru, and Dylan is upset that Tyr did not act. Dylan is released, and the Nietzscheans board the Maru. They open the coffin, and Tyr comes out of hiding. He tells the leader that things could not have gone better, then shoots her, and tells the other Nietzscheans to take the bones to the rendezvous.

Tyr arrives on Andromeda's Command Center, and claims he was ambushed.

Rollins sends another message, informing Dylan that the conflict with the Nietzscheans is going badly.

Trance insists that they have to get the Maru back. Beka says that they can track it, because it is leaking Antiprotons. Andromeda pursues, overtaking the Maru and bringing it into her hangar. Dylan and Tyr board, fighting the Nietzscheans. Trance joins the fight, and the Nietzscheans are taken out.

Trance rushes to check on her Bonsai Tree, which has a strange green glow. She tells Tyr a story about how one cannot avoid one's fate. She tells him that she is frightened that she will not succeed at what she needs to do, and she is also frightened that he will do the wrong thing.

Beka informs Dylan that in pursuing the Maru, they have arrived at the Drago-Kazov system. Three Nietzschean cruisers move to engage them, and Fleet Marshall William Ataturk hails them. He tells them that the Andromeda is now a Drago-Kazov trophy, and he has thousands of ships available if they try to resist.

Dylan tells Beka to take them to slipstream, but there is a problem: Rommie informs them that her slipstream drive has been sabotaged, so that if they go to slipstream, her core will eject and destroy the Drago-Kazov homeworld, Enga's Redoubt. Harper is of the opinion that they should do just that. The ship only had 30% power left so they were stranded.

Tyr leaves the ship in a Slipfighter, and ignores Dylan's attempts at communication. He does, however, speak with Ataturk. He tells Ataturk not to follow him, or communicate any further, and Ataturk acknowledges him as his leader.

As the Drago-Kazovs send drones to tow in the Andromeda, Dylan notes that the Kodiak Asteroid homeworld is in orbit around Enga's Redoubt. He insists that they cannot go to slipstream, because of the slaves on the planet that would die, but he asks Beka to provide him some cover, so that he can go to the asteroid in a drop pod. He says that the issue is between him and Tyr.

Beka informs Ataturk that she will fight rather than surrender. Ataturk tells her that Tyr, who he believes is the genetic reincarnation of Drago Musevini, is the new leader of the Drago-Kazov pride, and he has delivered the Andromeda as a trophy to prove his loyalty.

Harper reviews Andromeda's security logs, looking for suspicious activity by Tyr. He discovers that, after they retrieved the Maru, Tyr was in the slipstream core. Working backwards through other records, Harper finds Tyr setting up something in the slipstream core three years ago.

Dylan meets with Tyr on the asteroid. Tyr shows him the shrine where the Kodiaks kept Drago's remains, for all Nietzscheans to see. He indicates that he plans to eliminate the Drago-Kazovs, unite the other prides, and create a "better universe". He points out that ejecting Andromeda's core will destroy the planet, but Andromeda and her crew will survive. Dylan refuses to cooperate with this plan. Tyr urges him to "make the Nietzschean choice", but Dylan reminds him that he is not a Nietzschean, which is why he kept Tyr around.

Beka contacts Dylan, telling him that they need him back, because they are going to have to fight.

Tyr tells Dylan that he does not care for the influence that Dylan has had on him. He does, however, agree to return to the Andromeda with Dylan to resolve the current crisis, but this will be the last time. They return to the ship.

Beka asks Tyr why he betrayed them. Tyr tries to avoid the question, but admits that he often wished Beka had been Nietzschean.

Several fleets of ships from various factions, including the Kalderans, and Ogami, arrive in the system. They attack the Drago-Kazov fleet and the planet. The High Guard fleet arrives shortly thereafter, and moves to join the fight.

Tyr meets Harper in the slipstream core, to repair his sabotage. Harper says that he understands why Tyr wanted to destroy the Drago-Kazov, but does not like how he tried to do it. He says that he thought he knew Tyr, and asks him why he would betray them. Tyr says that Harper made him laugh, even if he didn't show it, and hopes that he will again.

With the slipstream drive operating normally, the Andromeda starts to move out.

Rommie asks Tyr why he is cutting himself off from his allies. She says that she has been researching the Nietzschean folklore surrounding the Dragonia Vine, and has discovered that it signifies leadership, but with a curse which is a lonely and bloody end.

More Commonwealth ships arrive, and they join the battle. Dylan is worried about a trap, and these worries prove well founded as the Ogami and Kalderans open fire on the Commonwealth fleet. Rollins keeps ordering Dylan to stay out of the fight, and the Commonwealth fleet takes heavy losses with the Twelve Centuries destroyed first.

Tyr turns to leave, saying that he has fulfilled his obligation. He tells Dylan that he is going to be with his son, who is the genetic reincarnation of Drago Musevini, and represents hope for the Nietzschean people. Dylan asks Tyr if they will be friends or enemies the next time they meet. Tyr salutes, and departs in a Slipfighter. Dylan orders Andromeda to provide cover for him until he can get away, and once that is done, Andromeda enters slipstream and departs.


  • Tyr's remark to Beka that he wished she was Nietzschean would prove to be ironic in "Pride Before the Fall", in which she becomes the Nietzschean Alpha Matriarch.