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Seefra artificial Sun


The Seefra system is a large solar system that consists of 2 Artificial stars, Methus-1 and Methus-2, and 9 planets, of which 8 are artificial and copies of the first planet. The Andromeda Ascendant and her crew travel to the system via the Route of Ages. When the crew arrives Methus-2 is not working properly and its random flares have caused widespread drought. Each planet in the system has a Vedran Portal Chamber which allows instant transport to any of the 9 planets in the system. The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant fixes the malfunctioning sun as the Vedran Sun returns to the System.

Seefra 1 is the only planet not destroyed by the returning sun. The inhabitants of Seefra: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; are evacuated to Seefra 1 before those planets are destroyed by the returning sun.

After the Spirit of the Abyss is destroyed in this system by the Andromeda, her crew, and the Vedran sun, the Route of Ages turns into a normal Slipstream portal and the Seefra System rejoins Known Space.

The Tech Police are a group that occasionally enforces anti-technology laws.

Seefra 1[]

Seefra 1 turns out to be Tarn-Vedra, Dylan Hunt's homeworld. The Oasis Bar owned by Ocham Sembler, and later by Seamus Harper, is located here. It is used during most episodes of Season 5.

One of its towns, Boyagen, has the highest disappearance rate in the system, causing them to shoot intruders on sight.

When the Vedran Sun entered the Seefra System, this was the only planet to survive, with a braking system having been created to prevent its destruction. Once the Spirit of the Abyss was destroyed, the Route of Ages turned into a Slipstream portal, reuniting the Seefra System with the rest of the Known Worlds. With this, Seefra-1 became Tarn-Vedra once again.

Seefra 2[]

On Seefra 2, Ione was a performer who played the part of the Sun God, under ringmaster Geryon. It is also the home of the Vedran Training Center, used to train protectors of Avatars.

Seefra 3[]

Seefra 4[]

Seefra 5[]

Seefra 5 is the home of a religious sect lead by Burma and his sister Ashael. It was also ruled over by a warlord called Armoos before the people rebelled with the help of the Andromeda crew. The people gained their freedom when Armoos was killed when Andromeda destroyed his ship. Seefra 5 is where Dylan and Doyle landed after leaving the subterranean Vedran Tesseract chamber after entering it on Seefra 1.

Seefra 6[]

Seefra 7[]

Seefra 7 is where Seamus Harper appeared in the Seefra System and began working for Marika in her attempts to create Vedrans.

Seefra 8[]

Seefra 8 is where Cutter enslaved the Surog people to work in the charged quartz crystal mines.

Seefra 9[]

Seefra 9 is the location of Darregacorp, owned by Jonah Darrega.