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Sebastian Lee
Alias: Sebastian
Mr. President
Gender: Male
Species: Castalian
Planet of Origin: Castalia
Nation-State: Castalia
Universe/Reality: Unknown
Ship Position: Chief Executive of the Castalian Republic
Rank: None
Status: Dead
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Castalian Republic
Ally: Systems Commonwealth
Enemy: Nietzscheans
"Here is the price of freedom:
Your every drop of courage,
ounce of pain, pint of blood.
Paid in advance."
Sebastian Lee,
"The Rising Tide"
AFC 271


Sebastian Lee was a water-breathing Castalian who led the Nietzschean enslaved Castalian people in a war against their oppressors, the Volsung Pride. After the rebellion, Lee became one of the founders of the Castalian Republic, Castalia's first democratic government in centuries. As president he was well liked by his people and was regarded as both a liberator and war hero. President Lee expressed strong interest in joining a reformed Systems Commonwealth becoming one of the first dignitaries to sign its charter. However during the signing ceremony on board the Andromeda Lee was assassinated with Tyr Anasazi's force lance. As a Nietzschean and member of the Kodiak Pride, distant cousins to the Volsung, it was initially thought that Lee was killed as revenge for the decimation of the Volsung. With Nietzscheans being largely reviled by the Castalian people the planet's government demanded swift reprisal. Ultimately it was revealed that evidence against Tyr was doctored to scapegoat Anasazi by the true culprit, Chandos, Castalian's second highest official, in order to claim the presidency. This was a particularly shocking revelation considering that Lee's term in office was near its end, with only days left, after which Lee planned to retire. Even more unbelievable was the admission by Chandos that although Lee's government had claimed that at the end of the rebellion against the Nietzscheans that the Volsung had destroyed their own orbital habitat, killing thousands of air-breathing Castalians enslaved on the asteroid, in fact the truth was quite different. In reality, it was Sebastian Lee himself who had ordered the bombardment of the asteroid, knowing full well many Castalians would die.


Lee: You'll have to forgive Chancellor Chandos. He never bothered to study decorum while he was a partisan.
Dylan: I understand him completely.
Lee: If all goes well this evening, and the Parliament approves, then I see no obstacle to Castalia signing your charter. I'll make the announcement tomorrow in a live broadcast to the entire Republic.
Dylan: President Lee, that's, that's wonderful news.
Lee: For both of us. There's been too much darkness since the Fall, on Castalia and everywhere else, for that matter. It's time to turn the lights back on.



Lee with Chandos


Captain Hunt greeting and socializing with Lee in the foreground. In the background, Yau is slightly left of center and Chandos is to the left.