Season 1
  1. "Under the Night"
  2. "An Affirming Flame"
  3. "To Loose the Fateful Lightning"
  4. "D Minus Zero"
  5. "Double Helix"
  6. "Angel Dark, Demon Bright"
  7. "The Ties That Blind"
  8. "The Banks of the Lethe"
  9. "A Rose in the Ashes"
  10. "All Great Neptune's Ocean"
  11. "The Pearls That Were His Eyes"
  12. "The Mathematics of Tears"
  13. "Music of a Distant Drum"
  14. "Harper 2.0"
  15. "Forced Perspective"
  16. "The Sum of Its Parts"
  17. "Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way"
  18. "The Devil Take the Hindmost"
  19. "The Honey Offering"
  20. "Star-Crossed"
  21. "It Makes a Lovely Light"
  22. "Its Hour Come ‘Round at Last"
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

The Regular Cast of the first season of Andromeda

Overview[edit | edit source]

The First Season of Andromeda aired on the Global network in Canada, while it aired in the United States in syndication. The series and season premiere was October 2, 2000, and the season finale on May 14, 2001 with 22 episodes in total. The first season was guided by developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and was an arc-driven season.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Dylan Hunt awakes on the edge of a black hole called Hephaistos 300 years into the future. He discovers a group of mercenaries are attempting to hijack his ship. Once betrayed by their employer, he convinces the mercenaries to work with him so they do not get sucked back into the black hole that threatens them all. They pitch in, and once they have dealt with their employer, they agree to stay on board to help Dylan Hunt rebuild the Systems Commonwealth, but their motives are not always as altruistic as Dylan's. The crew must battle against 300 years of anarchy, as well as lethal enemies such as the Nietzscheans. They have further motivation to get this new Commonwealth established when they discover a dangerous enemy is on the move towards the known galaxies.

Cast[edit | edit source]

All 7 members of the regular cast of the series appeared in every episode of season 1. Most episodes were not about a specific character, as the overall story arc were about corporations, governments, and intergalactic events. However, there were several episodes that focused on specific characters and their development.

Guest Actor[edit | edit source]

DVD Release[edit | edit source]

The First Season of Andromeda has been released on DVD in a variety of formats:

DVD Release
Andromeda: Season 1 Volume Releases
Andromeda: Complete Season 1
Andromeda: Series 1 Volume Releases
Andromeda: Complete Series 1
Andromeda: The Slipstream Collection
Andromeda: The Complete Boxset

Streaming Service[edit | edit source]

All 5 seasons are available on Amazon Prime, however they are not in the correct order. The following table gives the correct episode numbers for season 1:

Name No. On Amazon Name No. On Amazon
If The Wheel Is Fixed 1 1 The Dark Backward 12 12
The Shards Of Rimni 2 4 The Risk-All Point 13 15
Mad To Be Saved 3 5 The Right Horse 14 13
Cui Bono 4 2 What Happens To A Rev Deferred? 15 14
The Lone And Level Sands 5 3 Point of the Spear 16 20
Slipfighter The Dogs of War 6 6 Vault of the Heavens 17 16
The Leper's Kiss 7 9 Deep Midnight's Voice 18 17
For Whom The Bell Tolls 8 7 The Illusion of Majesty 19 18
And Your Heart Will Fly Away 9 8 Twilight of the Idols 20 19
The Unconquerable Man 10 10 Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath 21 21
Delenda Est 11 11 Shadows Cast By a Final Salute 22 22
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