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The Scourge was an agent of the Abyss, sent to the Andromeda Ascendant to retrieve the pieces of the Engine of Creation, so that the Abyss could remake the universe in its own image.

He is from the Abyss's Pocket Universe, as he can pop in and out of existence and apparently ages backwards, as every time the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence scans him, either in space or on the ship, his age fluctuates by thousands of years, getting younger all the while. He boards the Andromeda although several missile were fired at him, which confused the Andromeda until it became clear that he could tesseract and phase in and out of this universe. Through this ability he could avoid attacks. He also possessed the means to see into the future, and see future scenarios in much the same way that Trance Gemini can. Trance actually used her abilities to try and help Dylan Hunt and the rest of the crew escape death. However, in several of her scenarios, they were not able to escape him and the entire crew died, and the Andromeda was destroyed. Finally, Captain Hunt found a way to defeat his abilities by bringing him into the slipcore, where, because of the nuances and improbabilities of Slipstream, he could not predict what was going to happen. Hunt tossed him into slipstream, however he again reappeared on the ship before disappearing again. Trance explained that in traveling to a different place through slipstream he had never located them in the future so as to begin his attack backwards through time and so that timeline where he encountered them ceased to exist.

The Scourge's connections to the Abyss were not explained in the episode, as Tribune was demanding less story arcs in the show which forced the removal of the connection to The Spirit of The Abyss.


  • "Reverse aging" was, in some versions of the mythos, a quality of Merlin from the Arthurian legends.
  • The Scourge may have been inspired by the Shrike, a similar character from Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos series. The Shrike experiences time backwards and is an inscrutable antagonist with a penchant for abrupt appearances. It is usually described as large, humanoid, with a spiky black armor or exoskeleton. Its counter-temporality makes it nearly impervious to damage.