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Schopenhauer's World
Location: Triangulum Galaxy
Diameter: 14,100 km
Climate: Varied
Water coverage: 55%
Societal information
Species: 96% human
4% Nietzschean
Population: 12 million
Technical information
Defenses: Sabra-Jaguar Pride frigates


It was once a point of conflict between the Nietzschean Sabra and Jaguar Prides, as it and the planet Enkindu in the neighboring were once involved in a struggle for independence from the Sabra and Jaguar Prides. It was released by the Jaguar Pride as part of a deal made by Captain Hunt so that the Andromeda Ascendant could transport Elssbett Mossadim-Bolivar to her wedding with Charlemagne Bolivar. Schopenhauer still manages to maintain a vibrant artistic community, mainly under the patronage of Jaguar archduke Charlemagne Bolivar.