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Scheherezade Drift is one of the oldest continuously inhabited Drifts in known space. Scheherezade has continued to grow over nearly its entire 2,400 year existence. It currently houses over three million inhabitants from over a hundred species. A recognized political entity since the time of the Commonwealth, Scheherezade has zealously maintained its independence through the centuries, fighting off attempted Free Trade Alliance takeovers and bravely resisting Drago-Kazov Pride intimidation. Visitors to the Drift seldom pass up the chance to visit the famous Center of the Wheel Restaurant and Cabaret, located in the oldest module of the drift. The Center of the Wheel recently played host to the Scheherezade Town Council signing the charter to a restored Systems Commonwealth, making it the third government to do so.


  • Scheherezade is the princess and story-teller in the "One Thousand and One Nights".