The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Unknown
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Unknown
Population: Unknown, but at least several billion
Events: The planet was the attempted meal of the Cetus
Technical information
Defenses: No space defense network

Savion is a planet that has a pre-Slipstream civilization on it. The people that inhabit the planet have advanced far enough technologically that they have a limited network of satellites and are able to send radio messages. The planet itself has been devastated by multiple bites from the Cetus, and it has several geological scars that mar its sufface from the crust that the Cetus had eaten.

Andromeda received a radio message sent into the void by the inhabitants of Savion: the message claims that every 6,270 years, a creature named "Cetus" takes a bite out of the planet. The people on the planet are in a frenzy, because every time the Cetus takes a bite, it devastates the planet geologically and technologically setting them back into the Dark Ages. In C.Y 10088, Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini went to the planet in the Maru to try and alleviate the inhabitants fears, and after they rescued the Andromeda from the Cetus' belly, the Cetus was destroyed.