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Magog Satellite
Manufacturer: Magog
Spirit of the Abyss
Length: Thousands of kilometers
Beam: Thousands of kilometers
Crew Complement: Millions of Magog
Auxiliary Craft: Swarm Ships
Drive/Computer Systems
Power Plant: Geothermal energy supplemented by fusion reactors
Main FTL Propulsion: Slipstream
Sensor Systems: Unknown
Combat Systems: Point Singularity Projectors


Magog Satellite Ships are the Magogs' carrier/harvester type vessel. First encountered by Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini on the ruined planet Birrin. Hunt and Gemini were on the planet investigating Magog presence in Known Space. As it turned out, Several of the massive ships were in extremely low orbit over the planet collection raw ore to be used by the Magog forces to repair and build new supplies and munitions used to fuel their expansion into the Known worlds.

They are armed with Point Singularity Projectors.

The ships themselves are actually moons and that have engine, weapons, and life support systems installed, and are meant to harvest oxygen, raw materials, and food for the Magog World Ship. These satellite ships often take over planets that already have mining colonies established on them because there is a greater ease of access to the minerals and ore that they need. The ships carry several thousand swarmships for protection and to project an offensive presence on the battlefield.



A Magog Satellite Ship above the surface of the planet Birrin


A Magog Satellite Ship in the asteroid belt of Birrin


A missile fired by the Andromeda Ascendant approaching the Magog Satellite ship. Note the 4 visible Point Singularity Projector's on the longitudinal axis.