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"Be well, Dylan...."

Sara Riley
Sara Riley
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Rank: Civilian
Status: Dead of natural causes
Played By: Sam Sorbo
Spouse: Once engaged to Dylan Hunt
Unknown Husband
Children: At least 1

Sara Riley was Dylan Hunt's former fiancée and the niece of Admiral Constanza Stark. She led the remainder of the First Commonwealth to the planet Tarazed.


Sara's aunt (Constanza Stark) warned her about Dylan Hunt, saying that if she ever met him, she'd either fall in love with him or kill him.

Sara was a scientist and first met Dylan when he and Ismael Khalid rescued her from a station under attack by Magog. She refused to leave with her work unfinished so Dylan destroyed it, forcing her to leave. She ended up dating him later and they were expecting to be married had the Nietzschean Uprising not occurred.

At first, she thought he was dead until she heard a rumour that his current command, the Andromeda Ascendant had survived. With Ismael's help, she gathered a crew on the Starry Wisdom in hopes of rescuing Dylan, only to be prevented by Nietzschean patrols. Yet she managed to contact him through time three hundred years in the future. Dylan attempted to bring her to his current time via a time teleporter devised by Harper, but the system was unable to process Sara's data despite the use of a signal booster, with the result that there was a good chance that she would have been lost. He decided to return to his later time and told Sara that she had to move on.

Sara heeded his advice and got married and had a new family. She led the remaining crew of the Andromeda, the Starry Wisdom, humans and loyalists Nietzscheans to Tarazed, where they could hold on to the Commonwealth traditions and prepare for Dylan's eventual return. Her efforts to free him, while unsuccessful, did partially succeed: she pushed the Andromeda far enough out of the black hole for the Eureka Maru to pull it the rest of the way out 300 years later. She did contribute to his salvation.

Sara Riley was played by Kevin Sorbo's real-life wife, Sam Sorbo.



Marquez, Khalid and Sara Riley

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