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Sani nax Rifati
Alias: Sani
Gender: Male
Species: Vedran
Planet of Origin: Tarn-Vedra
Nation-State: Vishanu-Tarn
Universe/Reality: Andromeda Galaxy
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Profession: Military Commander
Ship Posting: Tarn-Vedra
Rank: Supreme Commander
Status: Dead
Spouse: Rifati
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: Vedran Empire
Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Systems Commonwealth


Sani nax Rifati was the Supreme Commander of the Vedran Empire and the Systems Commonwealth before and during the formation of the Commonwealth. He is famous for his peacekeeping efforts during the rise of the Systems Commonwealth, and helped to secure its' creation.

Formation of the Commonwealth[]

The Vedran empire was undergoing a turbulent period in its history, as the Vedrans had become a statistical minority and were trying to maintain control of their Empire. The situation continued to deteriorate and the empire found it self on the verge of Civil war between those who were loyal to the monarchy and those who were loyal to the parliament, Sani stepped in and helped negotiate a compromise, a new government would be formed one that would cater to the needs of all its citizens. He arranged for the Vedran Empress to remain as titular leader of her former empire and figurehead, but all political power was ceded to an elected government.

It was known that a bronze statue of Sani was placed in the city Astoshi-Tarn which commemorated the site upon where he lived, wrote, fought and died on Tarn-Vedra. He was later considered the lifelong hero of Dylan Hunt. ("The Mathematics of Tears")

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