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All Nietzschean prides originated from Pride Musevini.


The Sabra-Jaguar Pride is one of the largest and most powerful Nietzschean prides in Known Space. The Sabra-Jaguar alliance stands not only as an influential enemy of the Drago-Kazov, but as one of the signatory worlds of the New Systems Commonwealth.


Originally mortal enemies, the Sabra Pride and the Jaguar Pride were 2 medium sized prides that were both engaged in a brutal war with the Drago-Kazov Pride. A marriage was arranged between the Sabra first daughter and the son of the Jaguar archduke, in an attempt to make peace and unite the two prides. The Sabras had originally intended for this to be a trap to destroy the Jaguar leadership before moving in and crushing the Jaguars once and for all. However, a combination of interference from the Drago-Kazov and Captain Dylan Hunt foiled the plan. Together, the Sabra-Jaguar commanded the third largest fleet in the known worlds, however as the Drago-Kazov controlled the largest their war did not go well. After signing the Commonwealth charter, the Sabra-Jaguar drafted Captain Hunt and the other signatory worlds into the war and for a time managed to force a draw/stalemate between themselves and the Drago-Kazov.

The Sabras seem to be a more aggressive pride, training and breeding for strength, while the Jaguars were considered decadent. Tyr Anasazi claimed that Charlemagne Bolivar was nothing more than a "layabout", that his Jaguar Archduke title was inherited, a departure from typical Nietzschean custom. Both prides however were well known for their treachery.

As members of the New Commonwealth, the Sabra-Jaguar placed their fleet at the disposal of the High Guard. They took part in many engagements such as the battle against the Pyrians and Derevos, though the Sabra-Jaguar always seemed to be looking out for their own interests first.

Eventually, the Sabra-Jaguar left the Commonwealth along with the other Nietzschean prides, uniting under the man whom they believed was the resurrected progenitor, Tyr Anasazi. The 2 prides joined the Drago-Kazov and the rest of the newly formed Nietzchean Alliance in launching an attack against Tarazed, the New Commonwealth capital, only to be stopped by Captain Hunt. What happened to the pride afterwards is unknown. It is likely that after the Nietzschean's defeat at Tarazed, the Sabra-Jaguar signed a separate peace treaty, and may have even rejoined the New Commonwealth sometime later.



  • They hold the third largest fleet in Known Space.
  • They are well known for their treachery.
  • It appears that the Sabra are more aggressive than the Jaguar as the Jaguar were sincere in their offer of an arranged marriage; whereas the Sabra saw the marriage as an opportunity to destroy the Jaguar.
  • Sabra is a reference to the Sabra and Shatila massacre.
  • A jaguar is a big cat.

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