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Rodrigo Cross
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Rank: Commander
Status: Alive
Played By: Steve Makaj


Rodrigo Cross was a commander in the New Systems Commonwealth High Guard. He followed Dylan to the All Forces Nullification Point. ("Answers Given to Questions Never Asked")


  • Rodrigo is a Spanish and Portuguese name derived from the Germanic name Roderick. The name references Roderic, the last Visigothic ruler, or Roderick, one of the Martyrs of Cordoba.


Cross [OC]: Andromeda. Andromeda, do you read me? Come in.
Beka: Let's hope they're friends.
Dylan: Well, if they're not, we'll roast them with the AP cannon. On screen.
Cross [on viewscreen]: Please, we beg you, hold your fire. We hail you, sir, as allies.
Dylan: Identify yourself.
Cross [on viewscreen]: I am Rodrigo Cross. Cruiser commander out of Xinti, and loyalist to the Commonwealth.
Andromeda [on viewscreen]: Verified. He is Commonwealth.
Dylan: Commander, why are you still here?
Cross [on viewscreen]: Simple. We have nowhere to go. We were with the destroyed Commonwealth fleet. Destroyed by the Nietzscheans.
Dylan: Well, I believe the Nietzscheans were destroyed as well.
Cross [on viewscreen]: Thank god.
Dylan: Tell me why you engaged.
Cross [on viewscreen]: Orders from Paroo, Head of Commonwealth Security. The Nietzscheans engaged most assuredly and encouraged the chaos, but they did not start the fight. Nor did we.
Beka: Who did? Who made the first move?
Cross [on viewscreen]: We were not told.
Andromeda [on viewscreen]: Dylan, I'm uncovering various communications to and from the Commonwealth ships. Many are from Paroo.
Cross [on viewscreen]: Request permission to follow you, sir.
Dylan: You may not like where we're going.



Commonwealth cruiser out of Xinti, Rodrigo Cross