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Rodina is a heavily-settled world, and shortly after the Long Night, which was in C.Y. 10088, it came to a sad end. A Nietzschean introduced a virus onto the world, which quickly became an epidemic. It was called "Makrai fever". This virus was very easily cured with the right medicine, but without treatment it was deadly. This turned out to be a good lure for the Andromeda Ascendant, which was drawn to the system because of the distress calls. ("Una Salus Victus")


  • Родина (Rodina) is the Russian for homeland.


Beka: Makrai fever has a ninety five percent mortality rate.
Rommie: Which translates into thirty one million dead on Rodina.
Harper: The plague on Rodina. The Drago-Kazov must have released it to draw us to Acheron.