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Bisnieto rev bem
Rev Bem's Great Grandson (Real name unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Magog
Profession: Magog Commander
Rank: Commander
Status: Dead
Paternal Grandfather: Rev Bem
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Spirit of the Abyss


Enemy: All sentient Life excluding Magog


Rev Bem's great grandson as the name would suggest was the great grandson of Rev Bem.

In 210 years, he led the evolved Magog through the Time Bridge to the future and helped in killing most people in the Templars base but when he came face to face with Harper, he decided to spare him as he served with Rev Bem, who he referred to as "Red Plague, the first (Magog) to control his hunger." However, he marked Harper so as to infest him with his eggs later. He killed Constantine Stark and fed him to another Magog. He and his men left to join forces with the Spirit of the Abyss and the other Magog.

Later he led the ground assault on Arkology and attempting to kill Seamus Harper. Harper recognized him from their encounter in the Templar's base and tried plea-bargaining for his life, explaining Harper had been marked for last. Despite this, Rev Bem's Great Grandson insisted that Harper was the last survivor of the Andromeda Ascendant. At that exact moment a Tesseract threw them into the Seefra System. It is unknown what happened to him, but it is likely he was killed when Arkology exploded.


"I look forward to our children."

"Your superior race? We ate them."

"Watch him move as I tickle his left ventricle!"