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Restorian Destroyer
Restorian Destroyer
Manufacturer: Restorian
Length: Unknown
Beam: Unknown
Drive/Computer Systems
Main FTL Propulsion: Slipstream
Sensor Systems: Unknown


The Restorian destroyer is the main warship of the Restorians. The ship's exact armament and crew complement are unknown, however it is known that vessels of this design can be operated by a crew of around no more than 70. Restorian vessels such as these are surprisenly very well armed, as shown when a single Destroyer attacked the Andromeda Ascendant multiple times. However, the Andromeda was both damaged and disoriented at the time, and did not possess a fully trained crew in that battle. Banshee Class fighters are capable are overwhelming this class of ship when used in units of 3 to 4 fighters.

Restorian destroyers usually employ hit and run tactics that involve several different strikes, designed to cripple and damage their target; when it is weak enough, they move in for the kill. Restorian destroyer crews will sometimes, yet rarely engage in suicidal close quarters ship to ship combat with an enemy vessel, even in their final moments.

From what is known of the Restorian destroyer’s armament, they are shown using unknown types of missiles for long range combat. As for close range weapons, the Restorian destroyer possesses 6 forward facing unknown rapid firing pulse laser type weaponry that the vessel uses when engaging in broadsides, or in close quarter combat with an enemy vessel, even if the enemy target is much larger and well armed. Restorian destroyers also carry some sort of self-destruct mechanism in order to avoid capture, as well as to conceal their identity.


The first ever recorded and most notable encounter with a Restorian destroyer occurred in an unknown system where an unknown enemy relentlessly attacks the Andromeda Ascendant while investigating debris from another High Guard vessel. The unknown vessel attack the Andromeda Ascendant 2 times, eventually forcing the Andromeda Ascendant and its crew to hide near a star. The unknown attacker attempted a third attack, but only this time Dylan Hunt and his inexperienced crew eventually learned how to turn the tables on the enemy vessel by using the cargo vessel, the Eureka Maru as a lure in order to draw them out. The Eureka Maru took several direct missile strikes from the enemy vessel, before the Andromeda Ascendant intervened, thus allowing the Eureka Maru time to jump to Slipstream. The Andromeda Ascendant then engaged in close quarters combat and dogfight with the enemy vessel. The unknown aggressor self-destructed rather than surrender, but it was learned that the attacking vessel was a Restorian destroyer.