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A Restorian fighter pilot


The Restorian movement (Restor) are eco-terrorists. They were founded by the deluded former High Guard ship, the Balance of Judgment. The Restors believe that space travel leads to the destruction of indigenous cultures and their planet's native ecosystem, and thus attack any space faring civilization. Ironically, they use ships to eliminate any ships or spacefaring civilization they come across. Besides the Balance of Judgment, the Restors make use of Restorian Destroyers to attack other factions as well as Restorian Fighters. Restors are also willing to make suicide runs to accomplish their objectives. They are hated by Known Space for the chaos they cause to shipping and courier services, which are vital to civilization. The Restors are especially opposed to the Free Trade Alliance, a commercial alliance that seeks profit above all else. The organization was weakened considerably when Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant destroyed the Balance of Judgment's ship.

Most reports had the Restorian Movement either defeated or in hiding, however at least 1 cell was brought out into the open when the Collectors offered a bounty for the capture of Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda. Since only 3 fighters were seen, it can be assumed that the organization was crippled and paralyzed after the Balance of Judgment was destroyed.




Restorian Pilot commencing attack

Restorian pilot