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Resplendent Are The Seasons
Alias: Resplendent
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Currently Male
Species: Than-Thre-Kull
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Nation-State: Paradise Drift
Universe/Reality: Milky Way
Profession: Security Officer
Ship Posting: Paradise Drift
Rank: Security Officer
Status: Alive
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Than Thre-Kull
Paradise Drift


Resplendent Are the Seasons is a Than-Thre-Kull security officer who serves in the VIP boarding office of Paradise Drift. He and an unnamed Human female compatriot are stationed at the entryway for large vessels on board the Drift. He is a member of the Bright Red Ruby Caste. He asks Dylan Hunt for the powercell from his Force lance when he boards the drift, as he is in charge of incoming guests.


  • The name Resplendent Are the Seasons indicates the purpose of Paradise Drift.