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Reactive Armor
Production information
Manufacturer: Primarily the Systems Commonwealth
Designer: High Guard
Type: Active Armor
Technical specifications
Control systems:
Artificial Intelligence
Dumb Computer Chips
Power source: Explosives
Weight: Variable
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth


Reactive Armor, with more specialized forms such as "explosive reactive armor" or "non-energetic reactive armor," is a type of armor that is designed to react when a weapon hits hit. Reactive armor usually is used in areas that need more protection than others or have sensitive contents, like an Antiproton storage tank. The armor usually contains sensors that indicate when they are hit, and when that occurs the armor detonates small charges that are underneath the plating. The explosive charges also react with other non explosive materials that push the plate up, and this force combined with the explosives literally blows the top armor plate into the incoming missile or warhead. This not only helps to nullify the kinetic energy of the incoming weapon, but also occasionally turns the projectile into plasma, which is much more easily dispersed. Usually only large ships such as Nietzschean Battlecruisers and Systems Commonwealth ships like the Pax Magellanic and the Wrath of Achilles utilize this armor, mainly because it is very effective against large weapons. It is also hard to maintain, repair, and build as it has many components.