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Ral Parthia
Ral Parthia
Location: Triangulum Galaxy
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Vedrans
Population: Very small
Events: Hidden from the universe by tesseract


Ral Parthia was a once popular Systems Commonwealth nature preserve. It was loved by the Vedrans because of its massive tracts of virgin wilderness. It had beautiful forests, and because of these features, the entire planet was made into a nature preserve. There were still Warders there after 300 years. They were like caretakers, rangers. Most were human. They're the ones who maintained the planet. After the fall of the Commonwealth, it sheltered refuges and became a home for them. However, it was constantly under attack by Kalderans, because they knew how much the world meant to the Vedrans. The Andromeda Ascendant was pursuing a Vedran Admiral and was led to the world. Her name was Uxulta, and she lived with the descendants of the original Warders of the planet. Uxulta's herd was killed in an attack by the Kalderans and was buried in the traditional style near her laboratory. Because of the unrelenting attacks by Kalderans, she requisitioned a nova bomb, for the Voltarium, and used it to cut off the planet from Slipstream via Tesseract.


  • Ral Parthia was named for the Ral Partha gaming company, producers of miniatures for role-playing games and table-top wargames.