The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki
RA-26 Shrike
Type: Slipfighter
Length: 20 Metres
Beam: 9 Metres
Draft: 7 Metres
Crew Complement: 2
Skeleton Crew: 0 (can be controlled remotely)
Drive/Computer Systems
Sensor Systems: Limited
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Heavy Weapons systems: PM-6 Star Arrow smart missiles
Chronological and General Info
Faction: Systems Commonwealth


The RA-26 Shrike Slipfighter is a high-speed attack craft that is used to support medium to long range anti-starship strike operations in deep space and prolonged combat situations.

Although not as maneuverable as a tactical fighter, the true advantage of the Shrike is its ability to put steel on target while avoiding retribution from hostile assets. As part of a battle group, the Shrike also provides the Group Operational Commander with the flexibility to hit the enemy from a number of angles at a tempo of his/her own choosing.

The Shrike is equipped with a single Antiproton Cannon and 3 Electromagnetic Launch System tubes which can fire OM-5 offensive and Defensive kinetic kill missiles and PM-6 Star Arrow smart missiles. Like the RF-42 Centaur Tactical Fighter, it can be controlled either remotely from a Flight Operations Center, though the Shrike requires both a pilot and a weapons officer in either mode.