The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki
Pride of Kaldera
Type: Frigate
Role: Battlegroup Frigate
Planet of Origin: Xinti
Length: 391m
Beam: 293m
Draft: 98m
Mass: 7,997,711 kg
Crew Complement: 341
Auxiliary Craft: 8 ES-115 Oracle heavy sensor/attack drones
8 ES-14 Janus light sensor/attack drones
Drive/Computer Systems
Power Plant: Antiproton Fusion Reactors
Main Computer Systems: Artificial Intelligence Command and Control Entity
Sensor Systems: PAS-37Q System Search Sensor (Phased Array)
AIS-117M Advanced Imaging Sensor (Synthetic Aperture/Moving Target Indicator)
ES/A-9R Electronic Support and Attack Measure Suite
Combat Systems: 40 Electromagnetic Launch System missile tubes
12 Point Defense Laser 50Mw turrets
3 Antiproton Cannon turrets
2 500Mw x-ray laser turrets
12 radiating countermeasure generators
Fullerene-composite plating
Standard Armaments: OM-5 standard offensive kinetic kill missiles
DM-5 standard defensive kinetic kill missiles
PM-6 Star Arrow smart anti-ship missiles
Chronological and General Info
Era(s): Systems Commonwealth
Faction: Systems Commonwealth, High Guard


The Pride of Kaldera class Group Defense Frigate (GDF) is the first line of defense for the Heavy Cruiser Battle Groups and the Planetfall Readiness Groups. Designed to track, target and destroy incoming enemy missiles and fighters, the battlegroup relies on the GDF commanders to ensure that the battlespace is clear for maneuver and attack operations. Each vessel is armed with limited offensive capabilities, but these capabilities are rarely used except in cases where the battlegroup has suffered significant casualties, or the threat of hostile interdiction is low. With their superior deep sensing and target correlation abilities, GDFs can also serve as augmentation for the Heavy Cruiser Battle Group's extended range surveillance platforms. Although rarely deployed independently of a Heavy Cruiser Battle Group, large ad hoc networks of detached GDFs can be used as planetary defense assets in the unlikely event of invasion by hostile forces or massive missile attack.