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The Prescient
Alias: Auger
Gender: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Status: Alive


The Prescient is an non-humanoid alien being from an unknown homeworld though it described its origin as being from the "light". Its species believed in truth and had the ability to divine the past and future of other beings though were unable to tell their own fate. Furthermore, its kind believed heavily in truth and were placed in a bonded pair with a humanoid. In the case of the Prescient, it was bonded to Misabo Ahm who acted in its behalf. At some unknown point in the past, the Prescient's homeworld was destroyed by what was believed to be the Spirit of the Abyss and the Magog. It along with Misabo survived where they drifted in space only to be captured by Nietzscheans. During this time, the Prescient began telling the future of those that came to it and it eventually came into the possession of Citizen Eight with its fate being linked to him. Trapped in this state, both the Prescient and Misabo only desired freedom though the auger said that it would be the last thing Citizen Eight would see according to a reading. ("Pieces of Eight")

In this time, it was based in a tank at a temple built at Ganglia Drift and served as an auger to people that came to it. After feeding it a special protein ball, the Prescient told pilgrims their future and Citizen Eight used it to gather a loyal base of followers. This disturbance saw a vote of no confidence in the New Systems Commonwealth against the Triumvirate who sent Captain Hunt to deal with the Prescient. In this time, he came to learn of the creatures entrapment and worked to topple Citizen Eight. He succeeded in stopping his plans whereupon Eight entered into the temple where he threatened Misabo. Dylan Hunt arrived at the scene but was nearly killed by Citizen Eight who was being aided by the Abyss. However, the Prescient used its bio-luminscence quality to distract Eight who was mortally wounded by Hunt. In his last moments, Citizen Eight witnessed the Prescient before dying thus fulfilling his future. Afterwards, both the Prescient and Misabo were granted their freedom which was all they desired. ("Pieces of Eight")