A Pocket Universe is a small, artificially made mini-universe that is completely discreet (separate) but still exists within the confines of the universe. They are usually made to hide extremely large objects like solar systems, or planets. Pocket universes are tremendously hard to make, and are considered impossible to create by many of the Systems Commonwealth member species and civilizations. However, the Vedrans managed to create one in order to hide several planets that were dear to them. They also created one to hide the Seefra System, which was filled with artificial suns and planets, also created by them. The Route of Ages, a hypercube, is the artificially created portal to the pocket universe of the Seefra System.

The Spirit of the Abyss lives in a pocket universe of unknown origin. In this universe, the laws of time and space have been twisted, which is an advantage of an artificially created universe. Also living there are the Scourge and the Pocket Universe species.

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