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The Planetfall Readiness Group, also known as a PRG, are used as the general first response group for all planetary combat operations by the High Guard. While Planetfall Readiness Groups are rarely deployed for non-combat operations, they have also proven ideal for disaster relief operations and planetary exploration on a large scale, because of their massive capacity to take on refugees and smaller vessels.



The standard distribution of a Planetfall Readiness Group during an operation is as follows: during combat operations, the Atmospheric Attack Craft Carrier (AAC) serves as the Group Operational Commander.

The AAC and Drop Ship Carriers (Victory's Crucible Class ships) take position in high orbit at distances warranted by the circumstances.

An inner patrol of GDFs (Pride of Kaldera Class ships) wait approximately 2 Light Seconds from the core, while an outer LRS (Eternal Vigilance Class ships) patrol approximately 5 light-seconds distant.

The SAMs (Fingers of Dawn class ships) usually stay within several thousandths of a GDF escort or the operational core, depending on the threat environment.

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