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Pish Tryan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
High Guard inquisitor
Status: Dead
Played By: Ivar Brogger
Chronological and General Info
Era: New Systems Commonwealth
Ally: New Systems Commonwealth
Enemy: Dylan Hunt, Tri-Lorn


A high ranking Collector, Pish Tryan was one of the shadow powers behind the restored Systems Commonwealth, and proved himself to be one of the more cunning of Dylan Hunt's enemies. Extremely corrupt and controlling, Pish secretly allied with the Spirit of the Abyss to ensure his own survival at the expense of Known Space. He also worked with Tyr Anasazi to retrieve the Star Map to the Route of Ages in the hopes of destroying the Abyss through the use of Trance Gemini.

As conceited as he was cunning, Tryan was always eager to try new things. Tryan's appetite including worms as well as flesh of other species like that of the Than-Thre-Kull, which greatly disturbed Tyr. Tryan at times let his position of power and pride in the Collectors cloud his judgment, ordering Tyr about before being reminded he was not in control of this would-be mercenary. Tryan viewed Hunt as a threat the moment Hunt began gaining power and refusing to comply to Tryan's term.

Upon seeing that Telemachus Rhade was expressing interest in allying himself with Hunt, Tryan abducted Rhade and held him captive. Hunt rescued Rhade and wounded Tryan in self-defense by shooting him in the shoulder with his Force Lance, letting Tryon off with the warning, "Next time you'll be collecting dust."

After being foiled by Captain Hunt, who killed Tyr and prevented the Star Map from falling into Tryan's hands, he resolved to remove Hunt from his position of power. He used his faction to replace or compromise Hunt's allies in the government. Later, Pish charged Dylan with treason, subjecting him to a show trial after forcing Rommie to release private recordings of Hunt's actions, threatening to disassemble her and kill the Andromeda's crew if she did not comply. The senior officers of the Andromeda Ascendant were called as witnesses in an attempt to destroy their credibility. However, they all took the offensive and made Tryan appear as a desperate witch-hunter.

Despite this, the corrupt council sided with Tryan and declared Hunt an enemy of the state. After being found guilty, Hunt escaped the planet and faced Tryan in orbit above Tarazed. Tri-Lorn, Captain Hunt's secret ally, refused to engage, forcing the Collectors to fight the Andromeda alone. The Collectors were destroyed and Pish likely perished onboard the Collector Ship.


  • The name is a reference to the bird call and tyrant. Pish Tryan is called to power.


"I am Pish Tryan. My knowledge spans civilizations, my power stretches across three galaxies and beyond. Only I can make that claim."

"The Collectors survived Tyr, because they control information, the most secret of secrets"

"The other day, I ate a Than. Delicious. Did you ever do that?"

"Collectors are respected or should be. But some are more realistic than others."

"Damn you, Hunt. You are in the way. You are in the way of a glorious Commonwealth."

"You are not the Commonwealth. I, "we" are the Commonwealth."

"I feel like I'm holding a bag chock-full of nuts."

"The truth is relative."

"You are finished".

"I'll ask the questions."