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Pierpont Drift

Pierpont Drift with Andromeda in the foreground.


Pierpont Drift is a Drift that is the exclusive fiefdom of a Chichin business tycoon named Doge Miskich. Miskich takes a rather eccentric attitude toward law enforcement and government, with theft actually being legal among Pierpont citizens, though not when perpetrated by outsiders. Steal from the Doge, however, and one faces summary execution. Visitors to Pierpont should hold tight to their valuables but be sure to visit the Ducal Museum. The museum houses Miskich's small but fascinating collection of art, artifacts, and memorabilia; from the legendary Hegemon's Heart of San-Ska-Re to the preserved remains of Master Criminal Hamsa, the famous Perseid thief whose luck ran out when he tried to rob the museum and was hanged for his troubles.