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"More than a mere ship of exploration,
the Bellerophon embodied humanity's last,
great effort to tame the universe through our own will alone."
Dr. Paul Museveni, father of
Drago Museveni, A Farther Shore
CY 8401
("The Lone And Level Sands")


Paul Museveni was the father and creator of Drago Museveni, the first Nietzschean.

In CY 8400, Dr. Paul Museveni, was a human geneticist whose views were not considered proper. Shut out of proper scientific society, he left Earth and headed out to deep space with about 3,000 followers, all who willingly embraced the philosophy of Dr. Museveni, which was based on elements of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, Charles Darwin, and Richard Dawkins.

Four months later, the Museveni Fleet arrived in the Omari Globular Cluster just outside the Milky Way Galaxy. A habitable world was found orbiting the Beta Sirrius Omega star, Museveni and his followers named the world Fountainhead, and declared it their homeworld. As life on the surface flourished, and as the settlements continued to grow, Ayn Rand Station was built in orbit around Fountainhead. The station was completed in CY 8402 using parts from the original Museveni Fleet becoming the seat of political power for the Nietzschean people.

His son, Drago, born in CY 8402, was bio-engeneered and the first true Nietzschean. In CY 8424, Dr. Paul Museveni died under mysterious circumstances, and his son took over. Drago became the Nietzscheans' new leader.