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Parvati Quechua
Gender: Female
Species: Nietzschean
Played By: Kendall Cross
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: Drago-Kazov Pride


Parvati Quechua was a Nietzschean fighter pilot who was killed in a stand-off with Beka Valentine, after their ships were disabled by mines that Beka had set off while they were both too close. Parvati and Beka both rushed to complete repairs on their respective ships (a Garuda class fighter and the Eureka Maru) and Quechua finished her repairs first. She offered Beka a chance to send a last message or the option to surrender but Beka, in an uncharacteristic and Nietzschean fashion, bypassed the security systems and disabled the life-support on the Eureka Maru to power her weapons, which she then used to kill Parvati.

Quechua was infertile, and while most Nietzschean Prides euthanize offspring with genetic abnormalities, the Drago-Kazov preferred to use these individuals as fighter pilots. This allowed Quechua to gain prestige for her clan and family, allowing them to elevate their position in the pride.


  • The name is a reference to Parvati and Quechua. Ironically, Parvati is the is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, devotion, divine strength, and power.
  • The Drago-Kazov are the only pride that allows sterile children to live allowing them to prove their genetic worth by acting as frontline soldiers and fighter pilots.
    • Some cultural anthropologists have posited that certain early human cultures used non-breeders, such as infertile females and homosexuals, as "shock troops" since their outcast status gave them nothing to lose, and their "glory" could help family members who survived.
    • This in turn ties in to the genetic model of the "selfish gene" and kin selection, i.e. even a childless uncle or aunt will fight to protect their nieces and nephews, as this perpetuates at least some of their genetic code. This is also observed in social insects: all ant workers and soldiers are sterile, but fight to preserve the hive as a whole.
    • There are several stories in Chinese history where criminals where used for suicide missions. In exchange for the individuals suicide, their family was given money and their family name was given honorable social face.
    • Other stories in Chinese history have the individual accepting dishonor for various reasons. In exchange their families were given money and spared any dishonor. Other stories have the individual returning to power or taking revenge.
    • There is also a similiarity to using criminals for suicide missions and penal military units.
    • A similar practice is seen in the “Babylon 5” episode “Knives”. Those of the Couro Prido who are facing dishonor are allowed the option of the Morago using the Coutari sword. The winner must adopt the loser’s family and house. This spares the loser’s family from dishonor and social ruin.