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Paradise Drift
Author: Sherwood Smith
Tribune Entertainment
Publication information
Publisher: Tor Books
Release date: October 13, 2005
Media type: Hardcover
Pages: 288
ISBN-10: 0765304880
ISBN-13: 978-0765304889
General information
Series: Andromeda Tie-in (#6)
Preceded by: The Attitude of Silence
Followed by: None

Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things…
-Daniel Defoe
CY 1701 Earth
All Systems University, Special Collections


On the topmost spire of Paradise Drift, Alphyra Kodos, the human codirector of the Drift and her sister Delta Kodos are admiring the elegant form of the Station. Alphyra is also looking out into space at the distant but approaching Andromeda Ascendant. Vandat, the Perseid Director of the Drift joins them and they all admire the lines of the Andromeda. Also watching the approach are the Than-Thre-Kull directors, Blossoms on the Wind and Reflections of the Sun, who are wary about a human Commonwealth. Vandat and Alphyra talk about the prospects of joining the New Commonwealth. Delta is heavily modified to be a massive data processor and to serve as an aid. She helps direct the Than CAP of Carapace Class fighters into an escort formation, although they are prepped to turn hostile if needed. On the lower levels of the Drift, a man and a separate women await the arrival of the Andromeda.

On board the Andromeda, the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence informs Dylan Hunt of her contact with the Drifts docking authority. Both the Andromeda and the Drift are careful about the approach, because the Andromeda’s huge mass could cause enormous damage even at a slow velocity of improperly handled. The crew of the Andromeda are wearing formal uniforms, and Dylan is talking to Rommie about the history of the Drift to prep him for his upcoming diplomatic encounter.

While moving into dock with Paradise, the crew all remark on the beautiful appearance of the Drift. Compared to other Drifts, which are usually just trash wielded together, the Drift has a graceful and symmetrical appearance. The Drift and the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence are exchanging information; and the Drift is showing the crew the “Paradises” that it offers. Food, gaming, theater, music, and fantasy lands are the main categories, and there are apparently over 9,443 of them. However, some are extremely immersive and can be dangerous. Dylan, realizing the amount of both political and economic wealth that Paradise Drift would bring to the New Systems Commonwealth, decides that he needs to try his hardest to get the Drift to join. Alphyra communicates with the Andromeda, and welcomes them. The crew are invited to receptions, and are also given service chits with credit as well as diplomatic status. Before they disembark, Dylan insists that someone remain on board in case a pilot is needed for an emergency. Tyr Anasazi and Rommie both volunteer for the job.

The crew boards the Drift, but only Dylan and Rommie choose to attend the diplomatic ceremonies. Beka, Harper, and Trance choose to go their own ways on the Drift. They are given the chits and communicators, which Rommie suspects to be bugged. She promises to try and crack them so that the crew can listen in on whoever would intend to listen on them. She also notes that they are being tagged with nanobots, an unusual procedure. They are met by a Perseid named Kalad, who will guide them to the meeting. The interior of the Drift is extremely opulent, and the crew is surprised. Dylan powers down his weapon at the request of a Than-Thre-Kull named Resplendent Are The Seasons, and a woman. The entire crew is told that they can go anywhere except the Star Chamber at the top of the Drift, unless given special permission.

Beka, Trance, and Harper go off on their own. They are amazed by what the Drift has to offer, and how large it is. Harper disappears to a venue called Ali Baba’s Harem. Beka and Trance survey the rest of the area that they are in, and then split up. However, to Bekas’ shock and horror, she sees a bounty hunter named Ujio Steelblade, a figure from her past. She asks the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence is any searches for her name have been made, but the AI tells her that she has not yet cracked the encryption on the comms and does not know.

Dylan and Rommie arrive at the reception. It is extremely sleek, and features accurate holomaps of the surrounding galactic arm. He is introduced to all the high ranking people at the reception. He is attracted to Alphyra Kodos. Rommie and Delta Kodos meet, and Rommie recognizes that she has considerable technical power at her fingertips. Dylan is taken in by the rich surroundings, and is reminded of the old Commonwealth. He is then taken on a tour by Director Vandat, Alphyra, and their entourage.

Beka and Trance move to the lower levels, where security is more lax. Beka buys nanobots that change the color of her skin and eyes so that she can blend in, and also changes the color of her hair. As they are walking, Trance is drawn in by a massive kinetic sculpture that changes form and color, as well as position every minute. She was mesmerized and taken in, and decides to stay with the sculpture. While Beka is walking away from Trance, she changes the information on her chit to states that she is from a different ship and a planet that is populated by a Than cult that prohibits the sharing of information, to make it harder for Ujio Steelblade to track her. Rommie contacts her and informers Beka Valentine that a search has already been done on her name, but that she cannot tell her who or why. Beka then moves on to try and find Trance and Harper, to tell them what was going on.

In Ali Baba’s Harem, Harper has been suppressed and held at gunpoint by an old female face that he knows from Earth. She nicks him with a poisoned knife, and he finally remembers who she is. Kalad continues the tour for Dylan and Rommie, and the other dignitaries. He is telling them about the design of the Drift, and other technical details, but Alphyra and Delta are talking through a data link and are worried at how bored the guests are getting. As the tour continues, Alphyra pulls Dylan aside, and subtle takes him away from the tour. On the lower levels, Ujio Steelblade releases nanobots to find and track Beka Valentine.

Trance is wandering around the botanical attractions of the Drift, marveling at the plants and design of the gardens. Harper and the strange women approach her, and Harper tries to tell her that he is in trouble, but Trance fails to pick up that he is. They move away, and Trance continues to explore the gardens.

Alphyra is entertaining Dylan, and tells him that she would like to talk to him about his past and time on Tarn-Vedra. Dylan was expecting diplomatic talks, but he gladly talks instead about his home. On a private channel, Alphyra is telling Delta that she is trying to get Dylan more receptive to the upcoming negotiations. Harper and the women sit at a bar. They order drinks, and Harper remembers her name: Cynda Shendo. She was apparently a romantic interest of Harpers when he was a young teenager. While they are talking, he realizes that her reason for poisoning him and holding him against his will is because she believes that he abandoned and betrayed Earth.

With the departure of Dylan and Alphyra, Delta is left to entertain Rommie. She asks questions about the history of the planet below, and also about the department that Delta heads; the design department. During the conversation, Rommie detects extremely high grade nanobots (the ones released by Ujio) in the air, and is suppressed. She put her body on auto pilot, and informed Beka of the fact while she also checked on the Andromeda Ascendant.

At the bar, Cynda yells at Harper about his “betrayal” of Earth. Beka is startled by the presence of the nanobots searching for her, and is even more so after Rommie tells her that the technology behind them is probably from the Consensus of Parts. Rommie tells her that she has cracked the encryption, and that she can obscure Beka’s presence to a certain degree. At the bar, Cynda has been telling Harper of every torture, death, and degradation suffered by the people she knew after he left Earth. Harper then tells her that they should go elsewhere. They leave.

Ujio knows that Beka is on board, and tells the bots to try and pinpoint her location. Beka is trying to get back to the Andromeda, where she knows she will be secure, and is also trying to get a real disguise. She decides to go into an attraction to try and get lost. Alphyra is talking to Dylan about her past, when Delta tells her that “they” are on their way, and angry. The rest of the delegation comes into the room, and Dylan explains that no negotiations took place and that only social niceties were exchanged, and asks that they now get down to the negotiations. The director agrees, and they begin.

Seamus Harper and Cynda Shendo talk as they walk, and she reveals that she does not care what might have happened, but that she only cares about his inaction. She also refuses Harpers several attempts to contact the ship, and also tells him that she poisoned herself to be fair and to ensure that she had extreme motivation to carry out her goal. Harper tells her that the events on Earth do not matter in light of the Magog worldship coming to the known worlds. She is surprised, but does not care. She then tells him that she intends for him to come with her back to Earth, to help make up his “betrayal”. Rommie contacts Harper and tells him about Beka’s situation, and Harper convinces Cynda to help him find Beka. They find Beka at the attraction where she is hiding, and start to help her move towards the Andromeda. Up in the spires of the Drift, Dylan and the rest of the dignitaries sit down for talks. Delta and Alphyra are once again talking about a mysterious plan, and Alphyra gives her sister permission to grant Rommie access to the crews location. Ujio enters the theater where Beka was hiding, and realizes her plan based on her trajectory. After the introductory speeches are finished, Alphyra invites Dylan up to the Star Chamber for games of chance; while Rommie plies Delta with more questions about her designs and art. Trance, still obsessed with the nanobots that make the art on the Drift, realizes that there is something more to them Than just technology, but she is not sure what.

Up in the Star Chamber, Dylan is informed by Rommie that his debts are not covered by his chit, and that this fact is obscurely mentioned only in one place in the chit’s code. He is surprised because he has been asked to gamble huge amounts of money, and he did not think that Alphyra would try to control him through such means. However, Rommie informs him that in almost every computer in known space responds to codes in Commonwealth Warships that allow them to eradicate debt and other problems if needed. Aware of this fact, Dylan starts to gamble. The first game has the stakes of a high end custom designed slipfighter.

Beka is informed by Andromeda that she just got pinged again by Ujio’s nanobots. She, Harper, and Cynda all run into one of the Paradises: a pirate themed one set on the high seas. They are given the safe words by Rommie so that they can escape danger if they wish. After experiencing the pirate fantasy, and escaping because of imminent danger, they flee into a Paradise involving the assassination of Julius Caesar. After narrowly escaping being stabbed to death by an angry mob, they then flee to a fantasy involving a tiger hunt in ancient Earth India.

Dylan is losing badly at every game that he plays. However, he is playing every betting game offered to him so that Alphyra will continue to think that she is gaining control over him via his ensuing debt. Alphyra then hints to Dylan that she is interested in the ship, and the duo disappear once again through a pair of doors. Delta and Rommie are left alone, and Rommie then realizes that there is an incoming communication from several different directors of different species. Than security officers come in, and inform Director Vandat that a coded message sent by Alphyra hours ago has finally been decrypted and read: the message was using Nietzschean encryption protocols.

Vandat and a security squad burst into Alphyra’s quarters, and confront her about the message. Although she does not admit to anything, she does not deny anything either. She also demands a hearing in front of all the directors, as is her right. Dylan does not care, and only wants the talks for joining the Commonwealth to continue. Alphyra explains to Dylan that she believes that the capital of the new Commonwealth should be on the planet that Paradise Drifts orbits; Rigos, because not only is beautiful but it is also wealthy and socially just. She also tells Dylan that her family, the Kodos family, has been doing genetic tweaking and experimentation for years to try and produce the perfect people and a perfect society. Dylan believes that she is a fool for trying to deal with Nietzscheans, and then reveals his ace: he has Andromeda erase all his debt with the codes that she possessed. As Alphyra realizes this, she summons 4 aides, who drag him off to an unknown location. Dylan secretly transmits their conversation to Tyr and Rommie, who both realize the betrayal. On the Andromeda, Tyr and Andromeda know that they can board and attack the Drift without a problem, but decide against it.

Delta and Rommie talk about the nanobots that Delta has programmed to be the art displays around the Drift. They are apparently semi-autonomous, and are transported around the Drift in specialized zero-g lift tubes. Delta then discovers that Trance is inside the tube, riding along with the nanobots. She expresses surprise, but is not worried. Trance then moves to Deltas control center, and tells her that there is a presence among the nanobots. Just as she finishes telling her, alarms go off and the directors and Delta are warned by security that a Nietzschean fleet has just left slipstream and is vectoring for the Drift.

In the Nietzschean fleet, the Alpha of the Odin-Thor pride is sitting on the command deck surveying the surrounding space. They scan the Drift, and realize that the Andromeda Ascendant is docked there. He is surprised, and wonders if there is an alliance between them. The alphas family is extremely cutthroat and are constantly conspiring against each other, with new alliances being made every day.

Beka and company are still tramping through the Paradises, and emerge in a fantasy set in Victorian England-but with a twist involving vampires and romance. However, Ujio finally catches up with them and makes to attack Beka. She retaliates, throws up a diversion, and they escape into another fantasy with Ujio seconds behind them.

The Nietzschean fleet is silent. The alpha of the pride, Togugawa Odin-Thor communicates with Alphyra. He is surprised by her beauty, but dismisses it as she is a human. She tells him that the offer of the genetic data that she has collected is still up. Togugawa then answers the hails coming from the Andromeda Ascendant, and is surprised to see Tyr alone on the command deck responding. Tyr responds to his offer of an alliance by referring him to look at what happened to the last Nietzschean of a high rank who tried to ally himself with Tyr: Augustus, of the Ursa Pride. The conversation ends. On board the cruiser Bushido, the Nietzschean flagship, the prime daughter watches the record of the conversation several times, and thinks.

The Andromeda Ascendant is released from the Drift at the behest of Andromeda so that she can better maneuver and fight the Nietzscheans if needed without endangering the Drift or being encumbered by it. They coordinate with Rigos and the Drift to avoid friendly fire and to synchronize their attacks if it goes that far.

Dylan is taken to a changing room and told to put on a High Guard dress uniform. He does so, and is then escorted to an arena filled with clamoring spectators, and told that if he wishes the coming fight to end all he needs to say is “Kodos wins,” which will signify his willingness to bring Alphyra on board the Andromeda. Dylan resolves to fight. He is pitted against many opponents, including a Blue Menace, a massive creature covered in rough blue scales, large insects named Fzztr, and finally a trio of guards who are extremely proficient at combat.

Delta is suffering emotionally because of the betrayal of her sister. Trance and Rommie are with her, but Rommie leaves to find and help Dylan. Rommie is still disguised as a normal human aide, and gets past Alphyras guards. She informs Dylan of the Nietzscheans arrival and the current situation. She also gives him a power cell for his force lane, so he has a functioning weapon. Rommie and Dylan fight the 3 humans, but they are extremely fast and aggressive to the point where Dylan believes that they have been augmented.

On the cruiser Bushido, the Nietzschean flagship, one of Togugawas sons, Otomo Odin-Thor, is in his quarters. He is thinking about the betrayal and abandonment of the seventh son of the Alpha: Daigo-Ujio, who fled with his mother after he was sentenced to death as a child. He goes to the bridge and tells the security chief to prep a boarding party the Drift and the Andromeda. In the arena, Dylan is extremely tired. He defeats the humans, and is given water and is then pitted against humans in Magog costumes. He is thrown back into the arena. Trance and Delta are watching the fight, and Delta is extremely despondent. The conversation turns to Trance, who attempts to raise Delta’s spirits by revealing a little of her true Avatar nature.

Dylan has defeated the Magog, and is then told by the treacherous head aide of Alphyra, Torbal, that he is about to be pitted against the elite Seraphim Warriors: genetically engineered to be the next step in human evolution. Dylan and Rommie fight, but are outmatched by the Seraphims, who appear to have a limited form of telepathy and are resistant to energy weapons.

Beka, Cynda, and Harper are still running from Ujio, but Harper and Cynda are beginning to feel the effects of the poison and are tiring and sickening. Ujio finally catches up to them, and Beka prepares to fight for her life. To her extreme surprise, he is not trying to kill her. He wants to ask her if she knows where Raphael Valentine is, because he knows information that Ujio needs. Rafe has gotten himself involved in politics, and Ujio cannot kill him because he is too well connected. Beka agrees to help, but only if Ujio will assist her in getting the entire Andromeda crew back to safety.

On the Andromeda, Tyr is aware of approaching slipfighters with pods holding boarding parties. He orders Andromeda to attack and destroy them, as well as the following second wave. On the Nietzschean flagship, they prime family is watching the battle.

In Director Vandats quarters, Vandat and the 2 Than directors of the Drift are talking. They Than show the director video messages and other communications from the recently cracked private archives of Alphyra; they show her treachery. The Than are so enraged that they wish to kill her, and Vandat is of a similar mind. They agree to try and bring her to justice.

The rest of the prime family now realize that their long lost brother Ujio is on the Drift. They speak, and start to plan how they can use him to their advantage. Alphyra is blocked from all communications because of a lockdown put on her person. However, because of her position on the Drift she has a private channel and stream to the main database. She hacks in, and starts to gather all of her funds and resources while trying to establish a link to the Nietzschean ship. On the cruiser Bushido, Takauji Odin-Thor, considered the more clever one by his father, contacts his father in an effort to make him see the big picture. Ashikawa Odin-Thor is summoned to Tokugawa Odin-Thor’s cabin, where he is told about Ujio and Phillipa’s past. Apparently, while being trained in Nietzschean ways and culture, he was also being taught advanced fighting techniques as well as ancient Earth Japanese Shinto mysticism. Togugawa wants his son back, as he would be an amazing breeding specimen.

The nitezcheans launch another wave of fighters at the Drift. Vandat and the Than decide that there is nothing they can do, and that they must see what the Nietzscheans want.

On the Andromeda, a single fighter hails them and asks to come aboard. It is Pimiko Odin-Thor, a woman who Tyr once knew. She asks to come aboard.

Back in the Paradises, Beka and Ujio steal a rich man’s ID chit so that they can buy an Aedileship, which allows them to be the organizer of a Paradise, but at an extreme cost. They use it to cut through a paradise uninterrupted so that they end up in the arena where Rommie and Dylan are fighting. They recover a chit from one of Torbals henchmen, and deactivate a forcefield that allows them access to the arena, and begin to fight with Dylan and Rommie.

On the Andromeda, Tyr is talking with his old friend. They were at one point close to one another. After some small talk about old arguments, Tyr asks her the motives of her pride. She does not answer him, but asks him to join her and betray Dylan. He refuses, and she leaves the ship. On the way back, the Andromeda sends an EMP burst her way, and shorts out almost all her systems. However, Minamoto Odin-Thor, the oldest son, believes that the Andromeda was damaged by the EMP, and orders the attack to commence again. Nietzschean fighters close in, but Tyr deploys Fusion Seeds, which cause the space between the attackers and the Andromeda to become a gigantic fusion cloud. The fighters are crippled and heavily damaged.

Prinzeugen Odin-Thor, the head of security on the cruiser Bushido, and his flight wing are attacking Than ships by the Drift. The Than do not fight back because they are afraid of endangering the Drift, and the then vessels are heavily damaged. After decimating and scattering the resistance, Otomo Odin-Thor, one of Togugawas children, boards the Drift with the purpose of chasing down Ujio. On the Bushido, Ashikaga Odin-Thor believes that the ambitious Minamoto means to kill his father and is plotting how to do so. He reports to his father, and his father tells him to prepare a defense.

On the Drift, Blossoms on the Wind and Reflections of the Sun realize that the Nietzscheans are not after the Drift but the genetic data of Alphyra. They know that they must let them on board, but along with Vandat decide to cordon the halls and lead them to the arena, where the fight between Dylan and the combatants is taking place. Otomo lands, and enters the Drift along with his Lieutenant Prinzeugan, and they begin to make their way to the command center. At a bar, Trance and Beka are taking care of an ailing Harper and Cynda. They figure out that the directors of the Drift are doing, and worry for Dylan.

In the arena, the Nietzschean force emerges within the arena. Otomo sees Ujio, but is interrupted by Torbal who assumes that they are they for him and the Kodos’s. They shoot the Seraphim Warriors, but are swarmed by the art nanobots when directed to do so by Delta. Otomo is forced to fight his brother Ujio with a katana, and when he is at the mercy of Ujio and on the ground, one of the last surviving (but wounded) Seraphim shoot him from the ground. Just as the remaining Nietzscheans are retreating, the Togugawa Odin-Thor Alpha of the pride comes aboard. He tells Vandat that he wants his men and the dead, as well as Alphyra sent to him or he will destroy the Drift. As they bodies and men are moved, and Alphyra picked up, Harper, Cynda, Beka, and Trance all move to her ship for the antidote. On the bushido, Pimiko hears gunfire and smells blood. She goes the command pod, and sees bodies and damage all over the ship. On the bridge, she sees that Minamoto has tried to take over the vessel, but has failed because of a response organized by Ashikawa.

Harper and Cynda realize that her ship has been destroyed in the fight, and collapse.

As Alphyra leaves the Drift, she taunts Dylan and leaves with the Nietzscheans. She leaves Torbal on the Drift.

Dylan and the directors go to a private lounge, where they are hailed and Togugawa asks to speak to Ujio, his son. He asks if his mother is still, alive, but Ujio refuses to tell him. Ujio also tells his father that one of the reasons why he left was because the Nietzscheans could not see their own weaknesses because of their vanity. He believes that the Nietzschean system is useless and barren, and tells his father that he will become a force to be reckoned with.

On the Bushido, Alphyra has accidentally introduced a nanobot onto the ship that causes then entire vessel to crash. The ship is completely disabled, and must return home under emergency power. Meanwhile, the Andromeda runs to the Drift to try and pick up the near death Harper and Cynda. Alphyra is surrounded by infuriated Nietzscheans, and is forced to begin extreme manual labor on board the ship.

Ujio and Beka depart, after the gives him everything there is to know about rafe.

On the Andromeda, Harper and Cynda are saved, and Cynda makes plans to return to Earth.

Quotes by Chapter[]

Chapter 1[]

Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things…
-Daniel Defoe
CY 1701 Earth
All Systems University, Special Collections

Chapter 2[]

The good of subjects is the end of kings
Daniel Defoe
CY 1701 Earth
All Systems University, Special Collections

Chapter 3[]

The ancient Earth scientist H.G. Wells once said that
the social contract is nothing more or less that a vast conspiracy of
human beings to lie to and humbug one another for the general
good. If that’s so, why not have fun doing it?
-Canshi Vas Fangru
Before opening the
first recreational Drift, CY 512

Chapter 4[]

Every stranger is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary
Janeau Sten,
Captain, High Guard Warship Northhanger Abbraxis,
CY 9783

Chapter 5[]

We work in the dark-we do what we can-we give what e
have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is out task. The
rest is the madness of art
-Henry James,
CY 1893,
From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 6[]

Four things greater that all things are- Women and Horses
and Power and War.
-Rudyard Kipling
CY 1892
From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 7[]

Young Chess Player: “How many moves do you see
Chess Master: “One move-the best one.”
-Attributed to Casablanca, CY 1940
All Systems University, Special Collections
“And that is why Casablanca lost. He was watching the board
when he should have been watching his opponent.”
-Drago Musevini, The Progenitor, CY 8691

Chapter 8[]

A friend in power usually becomes an enemy-unless you have
more power
Drago Musevini, CY 8689

Chapter 9[]

The idea of placing artificial intelligences aboard warships is
preposterous. To prevent them from deciding to take
the initiative? What would happen to us then?
-Senator Gaspard Whitlock
Two years before the
Systems Commonwealth discovered Earth

Chapter 10[]

Relationships are for the young and reckless.
-The wandering minstrel of Magellan IV,
CY 9241

Chapter 11[]

Betrayal is permanent, obscure, and dark-And shares the
nature of infinity.
-The mad mind of Wortwert System
CY 9842

Chapter 12[]

With enemies like these, who needs friends?
-Seamus Zelazny Harper

Chapter 13[]

Humanities doom can be thus summed up: in danger their first
instinct is to run. Ours is to hunt.
-Musashi Odin-Thor,
Progenitor of the Odin-Thor Pride,
CY 9581

Chapter 14[]

Gambling is for fools willing to permit others to control the
-Gaheris Rhade to Dylan Hunt, CY 9783

Chapter 15[]

In trust I have found treason.
-Queen Elizabeth I of England, 1586
From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 16[]

Let’s serve him as a dish fit for the gods.
-William Shakespeare,
Julius Caesar

Chapter 17[]

Despite the elections the Kodos family thought they were kings.
Ambition in their subordinates was vice, but in themselves was
-Nasru Kanla,
First Witness before Rigos Supreme Judiciary
’’Kodos Vs. Republic of Rigos, CY 9899

Chapter 18[]

To err is human, to forgive is an invitation to trouble.
-Uncle Sid, to the young Beka Valentine
Upon the occasion of
her earning her pilot’s license

Chapter 19[]

Do not let the enemy see your spirit.
-From the ‘’Water Book,’’
Miyamoto Musashi,
Ancient Japan
Private Collection of Tokugawa Odin-Thor

Chapter 20[]

Teach me half the gladness
That thy brain must know,
Such harmonious madness…
-Verses from Percy Bysshe Shelley
Adapted for Magister Ludras’s
’’In search of lost Vedra,’’ CY 10011

Chapter 21[]

Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.
Miyamoto Musashi,
Ancient Japan
Private Collection of Tokugawa Odin-Thor

Chapter 22[]

One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the
-Jane Austen, ‘’Emma,’’ 1816 C.E.
All Systems University, Special Collections

Chapter 23[]

And a sigh is the Sword of an Angel King.
William Blace, 1815 C.E.
From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 24[]

My Roman ancestors said “give the Kludges circuses, and they
won’t notice you taking their bread.”
-Nero Tzar-Jaguar,
CY 9865,
Two months before his assassination

Chapter 25[]

The thing about humans is that their enemy will slander them,
their friend will rush the news to them-leaving them wonder-
ing which one is which.
-Wayfinder first order Hatsuri,
The Mad Perseid, 212 AFC

Chapter 26[]

Everyone who desires power wants it first over those nearest.
-Drago Musevini, CY 8677

Chapter 27[]

Politics is war without bloodshed, but real power is politics with
-Musevini Proverb sent to the Prides
Just before the launch of the Long Night

Chapter 28[]

Truth lies within a narrow compass, but error is immense.
-‘’Proverbs from the Anglish Nobility’’
From the private collection of
Princess Hathma of New Angle-Saxony,
CY 6767

Chapter 29[]

When the soul-winter Fimbulvetr breaks his chains
Then shall Loki dance the Ragnarok to destruction of the world
That’s the old story. The new story begins, today, with
-Address to the strike force assigned
to the empresses’ barge, Musashi Odin-Thor,
Progenitor of the Odin-Thor Pride
CY 9784

Chapter 30[]

Running a family is like running a state. Only the weapons are
-From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 31[]

War should be the only study of a Prince.
-Niccolò Machiavelli
From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 32[]

I within did flow, with seas of war,
Like wine.
-Private collection of Togugawa Odin-Thor

Chapter 33[]

Miracles are nothing more Than the failure of enemy strategy
-High Guard Admiral Constanza Stark, CY 9775

Chapter 34[]

New nobility is but the act of power; ancient nobility is the act
of time.
-Francis Bacon, 1625 C.E.
Private collection of Togugawa Odin-Thor

Chapter 35[]

Even a cruiser battle group is not as lethal as the deliberate
revenge of the intellect.
-From the Musevini Collected Proverbs

Chapter 36[]

After knowledge, what forgiveness?
-T.S. Eliot, 1920 C.E.,
From the ‘’Collection of Sacred Proverbs’’
Of Vision of Faith VII
Keeper of the Way

Chapter 37[]

And straight was a path of gold for them
And the need of a world for me.
-From the ‘’”Ballad of the New Commonwealth,”’’
Eryn Beyondstars, Wandering Bard, CY 10092

Publishers Review[]

In the sixth Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda novel, Paradise Drift Captain Dylan Hunt and his crew are at the recreational haven planet, Paradise Drift. Dylan hopes to bring it into the Systems Commonwealth of Planets, and his crew is more than happy to leave the diplomacy to him and enjoy some of the many opportunities for pleasure that the Drift offers. But what they find is far from relaxing. Beka Valentine runs into a bounty hunter who once pursued her and quickly learns that he still wants her dead. Seamus Harper's fantasy is ruined when he runs into an old acquaintance who poisons him and refuses to cure him unless he agrees to help her. Meanwhile, Dylan finds negotiations far less simple than he had imagined when a Drift leader contacts the Nietzscheans, bringing them to face off with the Andromeda.

Fans still smarting from the cancellation of the TV show will be pleased to see the series living
on in such engaging stories as this one.