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Paradise Drift is one of the largest and most influential Drifts within the Milky Way Galaxy. It orbits the planet Rigos on a high ecliptic plane, and usually stays in a high orbit. The drift is notable because of its size, but also because of its design. It is a political, economic, and social center in the galactic arm in which it is situated, and is supported and maintained by a variety of governments and species.


The drift was formed right before the fall of the Systems Commonwealth. 6 extremely large Perseid cargo vessels formed the long body of the Drift, and were fused together top to top to form an enormous, elongated cylinder shape. 20 years after that, the Drift had many large changes made to it; including the addition of the topmost spires and the ‘crown’, added by the Than when the Drift became one of the All-systems university library locations. The Drift then teamed up with the Human settlement on the planet below. The Than then revamped the Drift again, and added a defense grid as well as fighter and missile emplacements, so that it could better guard itself and the Slipstream nexus that is in the system. ("Paradise Drift (Book)")

The All-systems university withdrew itself from the Drift at an unknown time during the Long Night. 30 years before Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda Ascendant were rescued from the Black Hole, the Drift reinvented itself as a recreational facility and has prospered since.

Two years after the revival of Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda Ascendant, he and his crew stopped at the Drift to try and convince them to join the Commonwealth. However, during negotiations one of the Directors turned out to be a traitor, and a Nietzschean fleet of Odin-Thor Pride vessels showed up and started to fight the Andromeda and the Drift in an attempt to recover both their long-lost son and the traitor. ("Paradise Drift (book)")


From space, the Drift is notable because of its symmetrical and relatively clean appearance. Most drifts consist of several vessels anchored together that are then added onto haphazardly over many years, so the unified design of the Drift is unusual. It has extremely thick armor plating, and has heavy weapons emplacements running all along its body as well as a constant Than-Thre-Kull Brilliant Carapace Class Combat Air Patrol. In the middle of the Drift are the massive docks that can accommodate warships up to the size of a Glorious Heritage Class heavy cruiser. Those docks can shift to fit a ship and have cables for life support essentials and massive walkways that are several decks tall which reach out to join the ship. There are often microbots flying around making repairs for the upkeep of the station. Inside the airlocks are large halls which are decorated with Vedran furnishings, and have mandalas set in the floors which are actually AG lifts that move to other levels. The molding chosen for the hatches is made from a combination of materials harvested from asteroids which orbit the fourth planet in the Rigos System. Throughout the Drift are zero-g lift tubes which carry people from paradise to paradise, by making them weightless and shooting them through on drafts of air, and winding through the entire ship are art displays created by nanobots, who produce everything from water-like substances to moving kenetic trees.

At the very top of the Drift are 3 spires and a ring, which resemble a crown. The crown is actually the Star Chamber, and the spires are the residences for the directors; Vandat, Alphyra, and Reflections of the Sun.

The main reason why the Drift was not built in a traditional cylinder to create cheap gravity is because the massive Perseid ships on their own can generate their own gravity fields; this creates enormous options for environments with different gravities to enhance games and to make them more creative. It is expensive to maintain such varied fields, but they get unlimited energy from the system's sun.

The drift smells like food and people because there are so many on board that the scrubbers cannot deal with the combined odor and filter it all out. The scrubbers themselves are massive and are installed on all levels, and are special because they are calibrated by a semi-sentient Artificial Intelligence to combat any threat they encounter and to learn from it. The entire Drift, being dedicated to entertainment, has about 9,337 shops and stores that cater to every taste of almost all the known species.

It has Plazglas windows that are 3 meters thick. ("Paradise Drift")


Ali Baba’s Harem[]

Ali Baba's Harem is a venue within Paradise Drift. When Seamus Harper, and Beka Valentine were passing through the reception area of the drift, an ad popped up for the Harem. Harper was immediately drawn in, and was directed to it by arrows that appeared on the floor. Inside, dozens of beautiful women fed him food and danced, but in order to get more risqué services, he would have to pay. Before he could fully enjoy the services of the Harem, his old friend Cynda Shendo showed up and poisoned him by nicking him with a tainted knife. She then told him to leave with her, which he did.

Artistic Installations[]

The Artistic Installations are hundreds of separate but interconnected and linked works of art that are spaced throughout Paradise Drift. They are organized and designed by Delta Kodos, who is in charge of the Design and Art Department on the Drift. They appear in every conceivable form, from traditional Japanese and English gardens to ultramodern kinetic sculptures. The one thing that they have in common is that they all feature Nanotechnology. The nanobots move throughout every work or art and installation, and are often critical parts of the artwork. For example, one of the gardens that Trance wanders into on the Drift is that has large boulders and flowing water, but upon closer inspection the water is actually made of nanobots that weave together and coalesce into complex patterns as they 'flow'. Another example is a kinetic statuary that looks like a tree, but morphs into a Vedran meditation pose courtesy of the nanobots.

Design and Art Department[]

The Design and Art Department is in charge of the aesthetic aspect of Paradise Drift. The Design Department is run by Delta Kodos, who has created the many Artistic Installations on Paradise Drift.

Engineering Department[]

The Engineering Department is in charge of the power supply and most of the raw materials that are used on Paradise Drift. The Drift engineers use the energy from the sun to power the six different gravity fields used on the drift, and are also responsible for the material used in hatches.

Environmental Department[]

The Environmental Department is a major department on Paradise Drift, and is headed by a young Human woman. It is in charge of the air scrubbers on the Drift and has several sub-departments. The sub-departments are the Life Support Department and the Design and Art Department.

Life Support Department[]

The Life Support Department is in charge of consumables and atmospheres on Paradise Drift. It is a sub-department of the Environmental Department, but is considered a minor department and is only mentioned during a tour.

Lift Tube[]

Lift Tubes are a method of transportation within Drifts, especially Paradise Drift. They use an AG Field to neutralize the gravity within the tubes, and when a being enters the tube they are pushed to their destination using gentle puffs of air. The puffs are of the same intensity for ever tube and every being, so that collisions do not occur, and so that dangerous speeds are not achieved. They are clear and made of extremely durable Plasglas. There are dozens of the tubes that travel up and down the entirety of the Drift, and move between the different paradises and even individual sections. Beka and Trance use the tubes to navigate through the drift to search for disguises, and to eventually run away from Ujio Steelblade, when they believe that he is trying to assassinate Beka.

Star Chamber[]

Supply Department[]

The Supply Department is responsible for moving supplies of ever sort, from edibles to metals to atmospheric gasses within Paradise Drift.

Vedran Reception Deck[]

The Vedran Reception Deck is one of the exclusive, private Reception Decks on Paradise Drift. It has floor to ceiling windows that provide panoramic views of  the planet Rigos, which the Drift orbits. It is located in the Crown of the Drift, and is accessed only by express invitation from one of the directors. It is one of Alphyra Kodos's favorite places, because she admires the Vedran lifestyle and their designs, and the room is furnished with Vedran fabrics and is supposed to invoke the Vedran homeworld. She invites Dylan Hunt to the deck for private negotiations on a tour that she believes is boring. Dylan appreciates and likes the deck, because it reminds him of life on Tarn-Vedra before the Fall of the Commonwealth. Later on, after Alphyra's betrayal is revealed and she leaves the Drift, she regrets that she has to go and never experience the room ever again.