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"What is fate? Why do you ask?
The answer lies in the composing of Light and Influence.
Nothing will fall to you early or late."
Rhyme of the Primeval Paradine
AFC 54
"The Dissonant Interval (Part 1)"

Overview[edit | edit source]

In "Andromeda (TV series)", the Paradine are a race described as being both evolved Vedrans, as well as the first race of sentient beings in the universe. Trance Gemini hypothesizes that the Paradine may have had a "hand in its creation". These contradictions are not resolved during the show's run.

They are described as a race of beings who are ever present, especially at critical times in galactic history. The First Systems Commonwealth Civil War was considered such an event. According to Vedran legend, the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth was foretold, as was the coming of the Spirit of the Abyss and its legions of Magog. A threat of this magnitude spelled doom for all sentient species in the galaxies, unless they united.

Another way to understand the Paradine is to take into account their ability to traverse space and time at will. They were literally just a step away from anywhere or anytime. But this ability was rarely used due to the complexities of Time Travel.

Details[edit | edit source]

At the end of Season 4, Dylan Hunt learns that he is also one of the legendary Paradine, the most powerful sentient beings in the galaxies. It is difficult to follow how he became one, as his birth was from 2 humans (albeit his mother was a genetically engineered Heavy Worlder) and the series defines the Paradine as both evolved Vedrans and the first race of beings, not as humans. But in Season 5 Dylan finds out that his father is a Paradine, when Flavin shows Dylan Hunt some of the great things a Paradine can do.

The extent of the powers of the Paradine is never truly explored, but Dylan Hunt is shown to display some special abilities akin to those of a demigod after discovering his secret origins.

At the end of Season 5, Doyle receives a message from one of Hunt's fellow Paradine telling him that the Paradine are being executed, apparently being hunted by an unknown force for no known reason. The solar Avatar Maura confirms this when she makes a manufactured attempt to save Dylan Hunt's life by warning him that he is the last of the Paradine. Maura was later revealed to have no intention of saving Hunt, but rather "feeding" him to the Spirit of the Abyss, as she did with the other Paradine.

Training[edit | edit source]

It is shown that when one is unaware of their Paradine nature they will have to learn how to center themselves and come to the place between what they had won and what they have lost in order to use their powers as well as take a journey to the persons past, present, and future to show them the truth of themselves.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Paradine are some of the most powerful beings within the three galaxies, probably second only to the Celestial Avatars, being able to influence the galaxies and watching over the inhabitants of them.

  • Altering appearance - The Stranger later to be revealed as Prieus, a Paradine from the future sent by Dylan had the ability to alter his appearance making himself look older or younger at will.
  • Enhanced durability - It's unknown if the Paradine have enhanced durability but, in the case of Dylan Hunt (may be due to his Heavy Worlder nature), he was able to hold up against a shot from a Celestial Avatar.
  • Identification - Paradines have the ability to identify other Paradine even if they do not even know it, literally being drawn to each other.
  • Matter/Energy Manipulation - Paradine possess the ability to alter and change both matter and energy into any state that they wish.
  • Memory Manipulation - During the investigation into the "murder" of Prieus, the younger version of himself was able to dredge up the worst memories and experiences for Beka, Rhade and Harper. But also through "Prieus'" energy, he was able to show the last few moments of his life detailing the experiences that all three had gone through during that time.
  • Teleportation - Paradine have the ability to teleport themselves throughout space and time as long as the system they are currently in is not cut off from the Slipstream. When the ability is activated, the Paradine's body is engulfed in an intense bright white light before vanishing out of the area. It has, however, been shown that they can teleport through space to a slipstream-inaccessible system or planet, at least down to the surface, and it could be possible for them to teleport to other planets within the system.
  • Temporal awareness - Due to the Paradine's temporal nature, they are aware of time's flow and influence on the universe, as well as its ability to be shaped and changed to a desired form.
  • Time Travel/Universal travel - Like the Celestial Avatars, the Paradine have the ability to travel throughout time to important movements within galactic history, but unlike the Avatars they can only be present within a single time line or period within history, despite their statement that they are able to be at various places at once.

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Background[edit | edit source]

  • Kevin Sorbo said in a Dragon-Con Q&A that he had a big fight over the introduction of the Paradine; though he still enjoyed season 5, he did not agree with deifying Dylan Hunt.
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