Orlund, as he first appears in "What Will Be Was Not", is a man scratching out an existence beneath the surface of Seefra-1. He meets and offers comfort to Trance Gemini, seeing her as a princess even when she cannot envision herself that way. He is guardian of a section of the tunnels, and inspires Trance with a new sense of purpose. Eventually, faced with the knowledge that he has failed in his inherited task, he finds the strength to grow and re-dedicate himself to a positive purpose, to guard the Vedran Portal Chamber against the day when the Systems Commonwealth is restored. Later, in "The Past is Prolix", Harper needs his help to hide Sembler, and Dylan then engages him in another great adventure, looking to broaden his horizons beyond the tunnels and the chamber. Unfortunately, his boundless faith in Dylan gets the captain beaten up and locked up, in that order. Even after their escape, he struggles greatly with the concept of watching Dylan's back, and gets attacked by Thux's thugs, but is back aboard Andromeda in time to see his "princess" in all her radiant solar glory.