The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Nietzschean
Profession: Matriarch
Status: Alive
Played By: Marion Eisman
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: Orca Pride


Olma is the Nietzschean Matriarch of the Orca Pride. As Matriarch, she judges whether a Nietzschean couple should be allowed to pair and mate to produce children, because a strong genetic base is needed to produce an offspring who could be a valuable, working part of the pride. In the Orca Pride, this is a very important position because of the small size of the pride, and if the pride is going to gain any members they need to have a diverse genetic base, to provide a new source of genes, as well as reduce the chance of a defective child. ("Double Helix")

Olma took Tyr's child away from the Orca pride and hid along with him on a safe planet, where she could raise and protect him in secrecy. Tyr asked her to do this after he realized that his child's DNA was identical to that of the Nietzschean founder, Drago Museveni. He wanted her to hide him until the time was right, and then he would unveil the child to the universe, and use him to take over and unite the Nietzschean people into a new Nietzschean Empire. ("Immaculate Perception")