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A trio of Ogami fighters.


The Ogami are a mercenary-warrior race that are generally known as pirates throughout the Local Group.

Physiology and Appearance[]

The Ogami are large and bulky. They are about 2.5 meters tall, and their strength is about that of an average Nietzschean. Their skin is blue covered, and they have small eyes with no visible ears, and their mouth is developed to eat tough food.


The Ogami are brutal and ruthless. In this society of warriors, there is a long standing tradition of hiring themselves out as mercenaries to fight in wars, although they will perform specialized assassinations. They are also known as raiders and pirates, scavenging for whatever they can get their hands on. Their code of honor makes them always finish the job and fight to the end, which has made their mercenary services prized and expensive.

Weapons and Technology[]

The Ogami use Slipstream capable attack ships. In personal combat they use an archaic combination of Gauss guns, axes, and shields. They also use shock and awe tactics when boarding a ship, as seen when they attack the Bellerophon.



Ogami Warrior

Ogami warrior with shield

Ogami fighters

5 Ogamni Fighters in formation