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Offensive kinetic kill missiles are the main offensive weapons in any ship-to-ship or ship-to-ground combat. The actual payload of the missile weighs about 1 kilogram, while the delivery system is about 3 meters long. They move at 90 to 95 PSL and cause a 40 megaton size explosion when they hit, due to the kinetic energy of impact. Most have a range of 8 to 10 Light Minutes.

Offensive missiles are considered cost effective and easy to make, as the payload is just a piece of metal or a manufactured blend of high density alloys. The vehicle of this payload is an easily manufactured shell using basic rocket design that is fueled by Antiproton. They are usually manufactured by a vessel or fleet through nanotechnology: a swarm of nanites is released onto an asteroid to extract valuable minerals and ores, which are then used in the construction of the payload, the fuselage and circuitry, and finally the propulsion systems.

They are counteracted by the Defensive kinetic kill missile.