Ocham Sembler is a friend of Harper's on Seefra and is the former owner and bartender of the Oasis Bar on Seefra-1.


Sembler made his first appearance in The Weight (Part 1) when he was a secret ally to Dylan by whacking a would-be attacker with a frying pan. His second appearance was in Phear Phactor Phenom when his bar was robbed with a strange purple mist and a valuable painting of his was stolen, he offered a reward to whoever brought it back which Dylan and Rhade gladly accepted and brought back the painting. Not much is known about him after his assumed death. He resurfaced in The Past is Prolix when he wanted to trade the bar to Master Thux for his life. Harper hid him in the Vedran Portal Chamber and stole the crystal keys from Orlund and locked both Orlund and Harper inside. He traded the crystals to Thux but was beaten anyway and tossed into a prison cell befor Dylan and Orlund arrived, he was removed and was presumably killed by Thux and tossed right back in the cell.


  • The name appears to be derived from William of Ockham (or Occam), the medieval Franciscan monk and philosopher remembered for "Occam's razor", the postulation that, all other factors being equal, the simplest solution is liable to be correct.